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I finally feel like my family room is done…that just took about two years to happen!  The icing on the cake was finding these urns filled with moss for my mantel.  Once I threw those beauties up it felt so much cozier and finally complete!  I own several of these moss pieces and they are FABULOUS!!  You never have to water them, they never die, they don’t fade and you can just forget completely about them and you always have something lush and green.  I’m a busy mom and I really don’t have an extra brain cell to remember to water my indoor plants.  I buy them from Botanica Unlimited which is located in Charlotte, but they make a trip down to my favorite antique market every month which makes it super convenient.  You can also send them your own container if you have one and he can fill it for you!

I enjoy staring at these paintings more than anything.  I commissioned Hutton Snellings a local Atlanta artist to paint them and I can’t be more thrilled with how they turned out.  They are 4’x7′, but I had a HUGE empty space with 11′ ceilings and anything smaller would have looked dinky.  One of the greatest tragedies is putting small art on a big wall! You can contact her at and here is her Facebook page.

One of my tricks to hiding all of the toys my girls love to play with is having drawers to stuff everything in. At the end of the day, these are just really nice toy chests…but it’s the best storage decision I made for this room.  I bought them from Bungalow Classic and I LOVE everything in this store. EVERYTHING!

I love all of the chairs in this room, especially the leather chairs.  I found a picture of them on pinterest and showed my designer friend Clary and she sourced them for me.  You can contact Margaux Interiors Limited if you’re interested.

The next best decision I made for this room was the leopard area rug.  When I told my husband that’s what I wanted to do he was not excited about it and thought leopard was a big mistake.  BUT, he trusted me and let me do my thing.  If you have kids and need a rug, get a leopard rug.  You could literally can throw a dead animal on this thing and you wouldn’t be able to find it because it hides things so well.  My sister just had her second baby and she is now getting a leopard rug for her family room in gray tones.  I’m a bit OCD so if I see spots or stains on anything it’s like a thorn in my eye.  If your toddler drops a raisin on it, you might as well break the vacuum out because I can’t find it, hahaha!  I bought mine from Meyers Carpet.

The coffee table is an antique, but the store I bought them from has TONS and TONS, so if you need a specific size just call them and they can send you a tear sheet.  Don’t be afraid to buy antique when you have toddlers around.  My girls eat at this table and food gets everywhere, but everything wipes right up.  I bought it from Aquisitions, they have wonderful things.  And just in case you’re wondering, I only put accessories out on the table when I’m having adults over…that stuff would break in two seconds if my two year got near it!

The chandelier is also an antique and I bought it from the cutest little flower/home decor shop in Atlanta called Boxwoods.  They have some great fixtures and I really lucked out when I found this one!







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