Essential Baby Gear – Part 1

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I am going to have 3 kids in 7 weeks or less…which means I need to move some small people around.  I currently have the city mini double stroller which has been great, but my needs are different now.  I need the option of adding on the glider board for a standing toddler and then of course you have the 16 different configurations to fit your needs. My sister just bought hers and I’m obsessed and I can’t wait to get mine.  Looking back, I wish I had gotten this stroller all along!

stroller | glider board | tray


As a newborn photographer I see the latest and the greatest when it comes to baby contraptions and inventions.  I will have to say that this literally stopped me in my tracks when I saw a client whip it out at the studio.  It solves the most frustrating part of milk storage, thawing and feeding.  With this system you pump directly into the bag, then freeze it, pop that same frozen milk bag into the bottle warmer and then slip it into a bottle system….no milk transfer EVER!!!  BRILLIANT!  I was always transferring and sanitizing and squeezing those last little fatty drops of milk into a new bottle and now ALL of my problems are solved.  Did I mention you can attach different types of nipples in case your new little one is picky?!  PLUS, this is definitely husband safe, no more worrying he’s not going to follow the 18 million steps of milk thawing, warming and correct bottle temp.

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My cousin bought this for her baby and she said it’s totally worth the money.  I have a swing that I used for my other two babies, but I need one more contraption that I can move easily from the kitchen while I cook to the bathroom while I shower.  With two other toddlers running around my house, I’ve got to keep a close eye on baby #3 because my “little helpers” might just be a little too helpful with their new sister.  This thing moves like a parent would move..bounces up and down and sways back and forth.  You can also adjust the setting from your iPhone!  So if you’re in bed resting, you can change the settings without having to get up.  Yes that sounds like pure laziness, but when you have a newborn anything goes!

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breast pump

With my first baby I bought the Medela Freestyle that is battery powered and you can walk around and not be plugged in, blah, blah, blah.  A. I never walked around and pumped…I always sat on the couch.  B. I just never felt like it was sucking hard enough.  My sister also had the same breast pump and she just had her second baby 8 weeks ago.  She bough the Medela InStyle Advanced and she said it is SO MUCH MORE AMAZING than the the Freestyle.  So, that’s what I’m buying!  You pretty much have to be plugged into a wall and if you need to travel with it you can get a car charger.  It’s not a good on the go pump, but according to my needs for the past 2 babies…I don’t need an on the go!

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This to me equals peace of mind.  I was never one of those super paranoid moms that watched the monitor all night long to see if their baby was breathing, but not matter what you still get paranoid and do it…at least a few times a day.  Because we travel a lot to our farm which is basically in the middle of nowhere I don’t want to have any emergencies.  So, I’m buying this for peace of mind not only for farm life, but for peace of mind at our home in Atlanta too.  All you have to do is put the little sock on your babies foot and it monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels.  It has an iPhone app and now I am worry free!

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Once again, I get to thank my sister for doing the car seat research for me.  With my first and second baby I had a Graco car seat and it was fine…so my sister bought the same thing.  But, then we got super annoyed because we wished that it reclined back further for smaller infants.  I’ve heard of several cases in the news where newborns have suffocated in their car seats from where parents let them sleep in it, etc….so this car seat definitely solves that issue.  It reclines back for smaller infants which is definitely way more comfortable for them!

buy it here and you can also watch the video on it too.


I found this cute thing on instagram and I’m definitely getting one.  I can see myself keeping it on my bed mostly to change her and let her sleep, etc.  If I go to my parents house for the afternoon, I can just throw it on their bed…but also good to travel with.  Look at all of the things it’s good for!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.42.33 PM

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baby bjorn

Ok, so with my first baby I bought a pack n play and it was your standard deal with the annoying latches and push bottom, etc, etc.  I still have it and keep it in my bathroom when I need to take a shower so I can put my 2 year old in it so she doesn’t get into my makeup and put lipstick all over my custom beddding…yes, this has happened!  Live and learn!  The problem with most of these pack n plays is that it doesn’t have a mattress type bottom that is soft enough for a child to sleep.  Over the weekend, we were out of town and the hotel where we stayed had the typical hard bottom pack n play for her to sleep in.  I saw and it said grrrreat, she’s gonna sleep real great in that thing!  NOT!  We definitely ended up co-sleeping the entire trip because she obviously prefers the softness of a real mattress like a normal human would.  That is why I love this travel crib!  My friend Megan has it and she loves it too!  It has a soft foldable mattress for the bottom that should make any toddler happy.  Side note: I never really thought about how clean the cribs were at hotels until my 2 year old caught a nasty virus and threw up everywhere in the hotel crib about a month ago.  YUCK!! I definitely might be purchasing two of these just to avoid any germ transfers.  Having a sick child just isn’t worth it to me!

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In a perfect world, all of the kids will be fed and diapered before getting in the car.  With your first it’s pretty manageable…but with your 3rd, well sometimes they are just going to have to eat on the go.  My friend Megan discovered this little gem a few years ago and I’m definitely getting one…because I know I’ll need it at some point.  Like when you’re leaving the zoo and everybody is crying because they are nap tired and all you want to do is get back to your house which will take about 20-25 minutes and I don’t want to sit in the parking lot with two crying toddlers while I feed the baby.  Every mom needs a hands free bottle and I wish I had bought one a long time ago!  It might just be the best $8.99 I’ve ever spent!

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  1. Love this post! The podee is amaxing. I used it on long car trips and also when I was trying to do the dishes or cook dinner and it was time to feed her.