Essential Baby Gear – Part 2

baby gear part 2 (Jessica’s MacBook Pro's conflicted copy 2016-03-02)


This is a great bag!!  What I like about it is that the straps turn into a backpack so you are completely hands free. I still love by big Louis Vuitton for little outings and stuff, but when I go to the park, zoo, botanical gardens, aquarium…I need high function and complete hands free status.  It has a ton of pockets inside for bottles and sippy cups so everything stays in place.  My sister bought the gray and I had a recent client that had the black and they both look great.  I’m going to get the gray so it goes better with spring/summer clothes 😉

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I just bought this last night before it sold out again…obsessed with the blush pink stripe.  Check out all of their designs, they just launched their new line last night and there are some super cute ones.  This is a 2 in 1 nursing/car seat cover.  It’s super stretchy and breathable!  I used a swaddle blanket for my last 2 babies, but I always got annoyed when it would fall off in the floor in a public place or get bunchy and fall on baby, etc.  Plus, if you’re at the mall and you need to nurse in the bathroom, boom you have a cover!

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magnificentb baby

I had a client walk in with their baby dressed in this magical number and I thought it was the most brilliant thing ever.  It has NO BUTTONS AND NO SNAPS!!  This thing stays fastened with magnets which is beyond perfect for those late night feedings when you’re feeling cross eyed.  I’m definitely stock up on a few!

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Isn’t is adorable?!?!  We not only have a sock thief in our house, but a paci thief as well.  Where do all of the paci’s go?!?!  My husband buy and I buy them quite often and they disappear just as quick.  However, this cute little guy has managed to stay with us for a couple years due to his size.  It’s great for newborns because the little stuffed animal rests on their chest…so it’s kind of a built in lovee too.  Definitely stocking up on a few of these…it’s perfect for putting in the crib with baby because it’s easier to find and it’s lovable 😉

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sound machine

These things are worth their weight in gold!!  I bought my first one over 6 years ago when I first started photographing newborns.  I use it in my studio to help keep them asleep and literally EVERY parent who doesn’t have one orders one off of Amazon Prime during the shoot.  I’ve thought about just stocking up and handing them out like party favors.  My girls still sleep with them because it just helps drown out the noise from her crying sister across the hall or my husband who is a loud phone talker, haha.  If you don’t have one, buy one!!  I keep mine on the waterfall setting which is basically the white noise…that is the magic key!

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I’ve had some friends recently buy this cute little wrap and they swear buy it, so I’m getting one too.  I bought something similar with my last baby, but it was made out of a different material and it made me SO HOT!  Add breastfeeding and a baby into the mix with that last wrap and I turned into a furnace!  This is made out of beechwood trees, which if you haven’t felt that type of fabric it is soooo soft!  sidenote: beechwood trees also make excellent sheets too, I have several sets.  Anywho, look at the pick below, you can even get one for your older chid too so they can feel included!

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Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.26.37 AM


I have one of these at the farm and really love it!  It’s light weight and fits right into your sink.  I always prefer the sink baths when they are teeny tiny instead of bending over into the bath tub.  *bathing tip #1 – buy a space heater for your bathroom and heat it up before you strip down baby and get them wet.  The warm room will pretty much stop them from freaking out and crying.  Think about it – who likes to be wet in a cold room?!?!  umm nobody!

bathing tips #2 – dress them in the same warm bathroom, this also helps prevent the freak out of being in a cold room, naked and wanting clothes on.  I have a changing pad that I throw on the counter to get them dressed and undressed….makes it so much easier!

buy the puj here and I use this space heater and this changing pad



This baby line just came out this week and I’m so excited to put it in my shopping cart.  I use their entire skin care line and have seen amazing results (post coming soon).  There is nothing in it to harm your baby and I like having that peace of mind.  My second shooter at the studio, Heidi, sells this line and I’ve linked it to her online store.

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Every baby needs a cute little towel for some post bath pics!  This one is from my FAVORITE baby store in Atlanta and they have a very convenient online store as well.  It’s also the best place to get someone a baby gift.  They have THE cutest gift wrapping so it’s a one stop shop for all of your cute baby needs!

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