Easter Time

Yay, it’s finally Easter egg dying time!  My girls are finally old enough (2 & 3) to handle the dye without it destroying my house.  I love this egg kit and I linked it HERE via Amazon Prime. whoop whoop!


These are the sweetest aprons that I also bought at Pottery Barn that they no longer have, booo.  They probably still have them in the store, but click HERE for another cute option.

DSC_2559 DSC_2623 DSC_2609

DSC_2561 DSC_2570 DSC_2632 DSC_2655-2 DSC_2662 DSC_2685

DSC_2725 DSC_2744

The pic below is my absolute favorite, hahaha.  Definitely shows their true personalities!

DSC_2761 DSC_2768

I bought this cute container at HomeGoods, But I think World Market also has some too.  I’ve linked a yellow one HERE via Amazone Prime.DSC_2789


My friend Tomi makes the most amazing kitchen helper towers for kids.  This is the double (for 2 kids) and he painted it the same color as my kitchen!  Click HERE to visit his shop.  Now I don’t have to worry about the girls falling off chairs when they are trying to “help” mommy in the kitchen 😉DSC_2831 DSC_2840 DSC_2874

The egg kit comes with a link to print out sheets to decorate the eggs, SO CUTE!



Once we were done with that, we then planted the grass seed that kit came with.  Here, they are watching the dirt expand.DSC_2890

Aren’t these the cutest little blue bowls?!  I bought them at Anthropologie, shop it HERE.

DSC_2901 DSC_2960 DSC_2985

It really did start sprouting in 48 hours just like the directions said it would!DSC_2997 DSC_3028

BIG THANKS to my friend Sara for photographing our little Easter Egg craft.




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