Prego + Black Tie

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My husband and I had a black tie wedding to attend a week or so ago and I went back and forth between a short dress or a long dress, short dress or long dress, etc, etc, etc.  Well….I ordered both and after much debate I ended up going with the long simply because it would hide my swollen feet and ankles the best…HAHA, the decision was made for me!  This pregnancy has been completely different than my other two, so you just gotta go with what’s thrown at you.  This dress is from Seraphine and it is so comfy, I highly recommend it!  They also have tons of great basics and other occasional dresses.  I’ll do a post soon on some outfit options for a spring/summer wedding when you’re prego!

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Funny story…I was running behind trying to get ready and rushing around like a mad woman when it was time to put my shoes on.  So, of course I slip on the shoe and then ask my hubby to buckle my shoes because I can’t reach my feet.  Well, long story short nobody in the house could get those things buckled on my me because Steve Madden sold me a screwy pair of shoes and neither shoe could or would buckle.  So, I grabbed an old pair off the shelf and squeezed my fat/swollen foot into it.  By the end of the night, I didn’t recognize the foot/ankle that was attached to my body because I’ve never seen it that SWOLLEN before, hahaha!  I went ahead and linked the Steve Madden shoes above because stuff like that really just happens to me and I know you will have better luck!

Photography by Jen Wright



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  1. Beautiful! If you sell this dress, I want first dibs! I have a ball in September. You looked amazing and I’m enjoying going back over your maternity posts now that I need some clothes to cover this belly of mine.