Hospital Bag Essentials




She’s obsessed with my pink makeup sponge…and everything pink for that matter. Notice she’s wearing her pink tutu and carrying her pink microphone!


Quick little snuggle break 🙂


The cutest little crochet slippers for her going home outfit xoxo


Well, this is my 3rd time packing a bag for the ole hospital trip so I thought I would share what I pack in my bag!

  1. nightgown – you will more than likely have some visitors and it’s always nice to have something to wrap around you and cover up a bit.  I LOVE this robe, so pretty!
  2. I like wearing button down pajama shirts and my maternity leggings most of the time.  Button down shirts are super easy with the skin to skin and they are super convenient for breast feeding.  I just bought this and this.
  3. This cardigan is THE BEST!  You will like having something warmer to throw on just in case it’s chilly…but it’s literally the most comfortable and softest thing ever!
  4. 2-3 pairs of socks and some slippers.  If you don’t have slippers, get some non-skid socks 😉
  5. 2 sleep bras and some nursing pads.  I love these sleep bras and these nursing pads are great.
  6. lip balm – can’t go wrong with aquaphor
  7. makeup and toilitries like shampoo, dry shampoo, cond, etc.  I just bought these toiletry bags from Madewell and they are now 30% off here and here.
  8. ponytail holder
  9. change or the vending machines…I always pack a few of my favorite granola bars though.
  10. cell phone charger with an extra long cord – I just bought the 6′ long cord…they are the best!
  11. camera if you don’t plan on using your iPhone, etc.
  12. an overnight bag for your hubby if he plans on staying with you…mine will be home with the kids 😉
  13. clothes to wear home
  14. ViaCord kit if you are planning on that.  We did it with our first two and definitely with our 3rd.  You can check out more of that info here.  You will need this in the labor and delivery room!

For the baby:

The hospital provides clothes, food and diapers…but I always bring some special items because it’s so fun to have a baby! You definitely need to bring:

  1. the car seat
  2. a going home outfit
  3. blanket for the ride home

BUT, I’m bringing some sleep gowns and pink socks and some sweet little hats to dress her up in.  All of the items below are from my favorite baby boutique here in Atlanta.

  1. Check out this sleep gown.

2. These are the BEST socks that stay that they can’t kick off.  They also come in white and blue too.

3. How cute is this hat?

4. This take home outfit is so sweet, they have tons of others to check out too.


Photography by Jen Wright

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