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Meet baby Liv Alexandra!  She was born on April 18th at almost 9 pounds!!  Her birth post will be hitting the blog on Monday, so check back! I’m excited to partner with Nuroo Baby because I’ve fallen in love with their products and all of you should check them out!  Even if you’re not pregnant, I’m sure you know someone who is having a baby and any of these would make an excellent gift.  Baby gift post coming soon!! I love this 3 sizes in 1 swaddle.  It’s a brilliant design because you only have to buy one..and isn’t this cloud print adorable?!?!





I love doing skin to skin with my babies!  It’s a bit more challenging when you have two active toddlers which is why I have love this shirt.  This shirt allows you to do hands free skin to skin or you can use it as a hands free carrier too.  Bye bye are the days for me of doing skin to skin on the couch uninterrupted with a yummy treat, haha.  Plus, I love that it has sleeves, haha!  The top part of my arm is not my favorite…even though I’m just wearing it around the house!


She’s showing off her play doh cake.  Love this little girl!!



If you are nursing, everybody needs a nursing cover! I feel like I do a lot of nursing on the go and I love this herringbone pattern.  There are snaps on each end so you can wear it in 8+ ways.




photography by Jen Wright

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