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Hey Everybody, thanks for following along!  I wanted to give you an update on why my posts have been inconsistent lately.  Our sweet baby Liv arrived on April 18th and it couldn’t have been a better delivery even though I found out I was in the early stages of preeclampsia.  While I was in the hospital I found out my wonderful nanny had the flu, which was a complete nightmare!  So, not only did I not have any help with my kids, I had to be readmitted to the hospital four days after delivery so I could be treated for eclampsia.  If any of you have experienced this, it was the worst and most annoying treatment in the world…not to mention nursing a newborn through it all.  My blood pressure kept skyrocketing and I was adjusting to my new meds so my dad was my chauffeur.  My parents were afraid I might get light headed and pass out behind the wheel, so my dad drove me and the kids around to our errands including my hair appt.  I texted my dad when I was done so he could come pick me up, haha.  I felt like I was fifteen again!  The following weekend, we had a huge storm hit Atlanta and we lost power at our house so we frantically packed everything up in the dark and headed to my parents house.  My parents were out of town which was nice we spared them the chaos of three small kids, but they had zero food in their house and I was alone again with three kids.  My parents are very healthy people and they basically eat like a squirrel, which doesn’t appeal to the toddler diet.  My husband is in the tree care industry, so I basically didn’t see him for about four days due to all of the fallen trees.  My nanny finally made it back to work after being gone for two weeks and things were looking up.  Life seemed great for about 48 hours until Quinn started throwing up.   The two oldest girls took turns throwing up all week and then it all ended with a big barf fest on Mother’s Day.  It was quite possibly the worst Mother’s Day ever and hopefully I’ll be laughing about it in a few years.  Did I mention Liv had jaundice and we had to go back to the pediatrician like a million times to have her bilirubin checked?!

This blog is a fun and creative outlet for me so I’ve missed creating posts to share.  Things will get back to normal this week and hopefully I will have some time to myself to get a few things done.

I love this pic Jen took of the girls at the hospital.  Quinn cracks me up with how mesmerized she is with that tiny foot, haha!

photo my Jen Wright


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