Happy Birthday Liv

I’m finally getting around to writing this post, yay! It’s been tough to find the time to sit down uninterrupted to write this with three kids under three and a half.  Liv is five weeks old and time has flown by.  Here is the little story of the day she was born.

On April 18th, I went to my 40 week doctor’s appointment at 8:30am.  I had the whole day planned. I was going to go to my doctor appointment, then get a blowout, possibly a manicure, and then hopefully go into labor after I put my kids down for their naps.  My day didn’t quite go as planned. At my appointment that morning they determined that I was in the early stages of preeclampsia, and I needed to be wheeled directly over to labor and delivery. WHAT?!?!  Well, that at least explains why I was so swollen!  I had my hospital bag packed for the most part, but I had to call home and give directions on what else to throw into the bag and hope that I didn’t forget anything.  Remember that awesome blow out I had scheduled???  Ya, that didn’t happen…and my hair looked like a ragged birds nest for the big day.  With both of my other kids, I had time to sit at home and get prepared.  I showered, put my hair in curlers, and even did my makeup. Yup, not with this one! This, by far, was one of the best deliveries I’ve ever had.  It was the complete opposite of Nola’s delivery, which was a painful nightmare.  The reason I had such a great experience with the delivery of #2 and #3 is because of my AMAZING doula Karla!  I think everyone should have a doula. It makes the whole birthing experience go more smoothly and progress faster.  I had a hideous experience with baby #1, and I never wanted to relive that experience ever again.

With my first, my water broke three weeks early, and I wasn’t dilated at all…not a good situation.  Long story short, it took me 12 painful hours of the most mind numbing contractions, before I reach 3cm and could get my epidural.  Y’all, my mother-in-law was bent down, as I clenched the hospital bed rail trying to do lamaze breathing with me!!!!!  In total, I was in labor for about 26 hours, and it was the worst 26 hours of my life.  If I had Karla during that delivery she would have had me up and moving around, kept the room stress free, and massaged me where it hurt. In general, she would have helped get this baby out faster and would have been my mental support. When you are laboring at the hospital, they pretty much just put you in bed and hook you up to monitors. They really don’t help you progress your labor in any other way, outside of giving you medication.  My sister used Karla for both of her babies and several friends too.  It definitely puts your mind at ease when you can just text her. Even in the middle of the night with simple questions, or if your unsure of what your body is doing.

Now, back to Liv being born. Because I was preeclampsia, and my blood pressure was crazy high, I couldn’t walk around and do physical activity to progress my labor.  I didn’t really know what Karla was going to do to help me get this baby out, since I was confined to the hospital bed.  They were just planning on pumping me full of Pitocin, and then it’s just a waiting game. Well, Karla saves the day again!  She kept the room calm by lighting candles, playing soft music, diffusing lavender and keeping me in a relaxed state.  If you get anxious it can stall labor, and that was probably another reason why my first delivery was a complete disaster.  Even though I was confined to the bed, she used a peanut shaped ball that the hospital provided to put between my legs to help keep my pelvis open.  Then she would help me rotate from side to side. I couldn’t feel a thing or move my body, because my epidural was working so great.  Eventually, it was time to push. For some reason my OB had me laughing. I’m not even kidding, I laughed twice, then pushed twice, and BOOM, she was born!  Sweet little Liv weighed in at 8 pounds 11.5 ounces and was 21 3/8 inches long.  We grow them big over here, haha!!  She was 1.5 pounds bigger than my other two, yikes!  My hubby, Karla, my mom and my good friend (and photographer) Jen were there to see it all happen at 7:24 pm.  If any of my pregnant readers are in Atlanta and want an amazing Christian doula, check out Karla’s FB page here. She books up quick, so I would contact her ASAP.

I ended up being readmitted to the hospital four days after she was born to be treated for eclampsia, and that was probably the second most miserable experience of my life.  If I had the guts to show you a picture of myself the day I got released from the hospital for the second time you would probably have nightmares.  I’ve never looked worse in my life, but that’s what no sleep and stress will do to you!

If anybody has any questions or comments, I would love it if you left a comment, and I’ll get right back to you! Photography by Jen-Wright.

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Her first FaceTime chat with big sis Nola!

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Cutest boooooooty ever!

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Daddy and Liv meet!

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I had matching big sis outfits and of course Quinn arrives wearing a princess dress put on backwards…

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Liv was so thoughtful and got the girls matching dresses as a welcome present. haha



Those CHEEKS!!!

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  1. I love the big sister pictures! Seeing my toddlers with babies make me want to have another one…and then I remember I like to sleep! Haha! Precious family! Congrats!

  2. How did you go about finding your doula? My husband and I are just planning to start our family and no one in our family has ever used a doula. Not even sure the topic has come up but from reading your birth story it seems so beneficial to have one!! Congratulations to you and your family on the beautiful addition!

    1. My sister used her and a lot of my friends too so she came highly recommended. If you don’t know anybody that has used one I would google it and then talk over the phone. When I first used Karla, we chatted on the phone so I got a good feel for her and she answered any of my questions to make sure she was a good fit. Then, she will come to your house for a meeting with you and your husband to talk about your birth plan and to go over all of the details on the big day. There are a lot more details than you think, so it’s great to plan ahead because I didn’t with my first and it was a disaster. My room was a revolving door of people and it just stressed me out! She definitely helps control the situation according to what your wishes are. Just curious, what city do you live in??

  3. Would you mind sharing where you bought Liv’s adorable hat? I love your newborn photos and birth story!