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The fact that Nola is even looking at the camera is a MIRACLE!


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They have the cutest little wood buttons on the back.

Look Mom, a seashell!!!!


Are these dresses not the cutest?! They are by the company Wren and James and I’m in love. I have been trying to get the girls photographed in these dresses for awhile, but it just never worked out. Two weeks ago I dressed them up to go strawberry picking and that was an epic fail.  It was blazing hot and we were all sweaty, dirty messes… The girls will be wearing these on the 4th of July at the beach again and we can’t wait. These images were taken on the Georgia coast which doesn’t have the prettiest water, but it’s a beach and that is always fun!! I’m so glad the tropical storm decided to go away and instead God gave us some pretty sunsets.

I shot these with my Nikon d810 and a 35mm Sigma lense. In addition to being a mom and new blogger, I’ve been a photographer for 10 years. If you want to check out my work you can visit  You can also follow our studio along on instagram too @jesskammphotography  I only shoot newborns now, so if you like babies please follow along.

What are some of your favorite little boutique brands?? I’m a bit obsessed with little girls clothing so please leave a comment and let me know your favorites!!!


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