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In case you haven’t noticed I have VERY fair skin and it doesn’t really like the sun.  My mother taught me from a very young age to protect my skin and I am so thankful that I didn’t bake then burn and learn the hard way.  If I don’t wear spf and a hat and keep semi covered I just get freckles and sun spots and that’s just not the look I’m going for!  So, I thought I would share with everybody some of the products I use for a pool/beach day.

If you are looking for a tinted moisturizer look no more!  My sister turned me on to the Revision brand about 6 years ago and I love it.  It has 45 spf and that’s perfect for me.  I will typically put my tinted moisturizer on first, a bit of blush and I always fill in my eyebrows a bit because pregnancy has taken a toll on those suckers.  If I have a breakout or I look super sleep deprived I might put on a little concealer.  I never take my enormous sunglasses off so you probably won’t see my eyes anyways!  Once I get to the pool/beach I cover my entire body and face in a minimum of spf 30 and I love the Neutrogena brand with helioplex.  I normally use somewhere around 50-100 spf, but I always buy 30 spf too because my hubby prefers something lower.  He actually tans and has gorgeous olive skin.  I am so jealous of his tanning capability, haha.  Drugstore finds are always fun and I love this lip gloss/chapstick from maybelline.  If I’m not going to the pool and it’s just a regular day with the kids I use this sunscreen on my face and neck.  I put it on first before I apply any makeup.  Ok ladies, have fun in the sun and don’t forget your spf and a BIG hat!

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My coverup is orange, but I’m linking the same one in more of a melon color and I also have it in white.

The exact hat I’m wearing is from a boutique, but here is a similar one and this is the one from J.Crew that I also wear.  I love big sunglasses, you can buy mine here.

photography  by Jen Wright


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