Baby Liv on the Farm

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Quinn’s face cracks me up in this pic!





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I’m finally getting around to sharing Liv’s newborn shoot, yay!  We have a farm about ninety minutes from Atlanta that has the best field of flowers at the end of every April.  It was absolute perfect timing to have Liv and the girls photographed in the field because she was just about two weeks old when the blooms were perfect.  My husband actually told me that they are technically weeds, but who cares because they are pretty!  I go bonkers over family pictures…it’s probably my favorite thing in the whole world.  That’s probably one of the reasons why I’m a photographer.  It was a gorgeous evening for pictures.  We had just finished the family part of the shoot when I noticed a HUGE rain cloud in the far field that was moving towards us.  It started raining buckets and it quickly made it’s way to our shoot.  I had just enough time to throw my dress over the photographer and Liv so that the rain wouldn’t wake up and scare Liv or ruin the camera.  It passed pretty quickly, but my hair looked like a wet birds nest so that was the end of my pictures.

I just had five of these images framed for Liv’s room and I’ll share it with you when I do her nursery reveal in the next few weeks.  This shoot was a true vision of mine and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I hired Britt with Little Bloom Studio because she excels in photographing newborns outside.  She drove in all the way from North Carolina to do this and I so appreciate it.  I contacted her when I was 7 weeks pregnant because I wanted this shoot SOO badly.  I also be framing some for a gallery wall for the farm and I will of course share that with you once it’s done.

Fun little fact: Britt’s mom knit the hat Liv is wearing to match the field of flowers.  LOVE!

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