Beauty Picks for the Nordstrom Sale

nordstrom beauty

I ran to Nordstrom today while my kids were napping so I could see all of the sale goodies in person. It was a bit overwhelming, but I made it out of there with some great finds.

  1. I love dryer products!  This is the curling iron that I always use too 😉
  2. I just bought this palette and the colors are seriously gorgeous.  I’ll be wearing it on my Wednesday post 😉
  3. I use these applicators for my foundation, LOVE!
  4. My mother in law bought me a big jar of this for my birthday a few years ago and it smells divine.  It made me skin feel great and my shower smelled like a spa.
  5. I’ve been using bobbi brown makeup brushes for 17 years.  I felt these in person at the store and they are seriously great.  Plus, I love the carrying case so they don’t get smashed when you travel.
  6. I use my clarisonic every other morning and this pink color is so cute!

What’s in your Nordstrom Anniversary shopping bag?!?!

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