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Her first PEZ dispenser…she’s obsessed.

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It’s been super hot in Atlanta this summer and I don’t always feel like going to the pool and sitting in the heat.  So, now that I’m getting the hang of three kids we are going out and about to explore all of the fun things this city has to offer.  My friend Megan and I took our kids on a little adventure to Decatur.  Our first stop was Revolution Doughnuts.  I had the almond doughnut and it was DELICIOUS!!!!  I was so rushed getting out of the house that I forgot to eat breakfast and then I had all of these tasty treats staring at me.  My plan was just to have a bite…but that didn’t happen and I broke my clean eating diet.  Whoops!! The kids had a blast eating doughnuts in their pj’s.  Plus, it was nice not getting them dressed before we left 😉  Check out these pj’s, they are the cutest!

Our second stop was Greene’s Fine Foods.  This place is SO cute!  They sell gourmet nuts, candy, toys and fudge.  What’s not to like?!  Our kids definitely had a sugar high for the first half of the day…

Our third stop was the Dekalb Farmers Market.  This place is HUGE and amazing.  It’s definitely out of the way to get there, but the prices are a lot cheaper and they have tons more to choose from.  The kids had fun in the seafood section with the live fish and lobsters.  It’s quite chilly in there so it’s the perfect way to cool off, haha.  No photography was allowed there, but we did manage to sneak a couple of iPhone pics.  It was an unexpected stop and I didn’t have a grocery plan pulled together.  I did buy some grass fed milk for the girls and they love it.  My plan is to drive over there once a week to stock up on fresh veggies.  We are about to get into juicing over here and I’m so excited.  Stay tuned for some juicing info and recipes!

My gladiators are on sale for $48 and they come in two other colors.  Size down a whole size and they will be perfect.  I usually wear an 8 and I bought a 7.

photography by Jen-Wright


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