Friday Five – Weekend Casual

This look is an easy fun look that’s comfortable, but you can still run around and be comfortable in.  If you’re afraid to wear white jeans with your kids…then just substitute for some fitted black ones.  I have these white jeans and they are so comfy and somehow I manage to keep them clean.  I love anything with bamboo, so of course the bamboo handles are a winner for me!

What are y’all up to this weekend?!  I’m having an estate sale at my house in Atlanta so if any of you want to come by and check it out just send me an email.  We will be here on Saturday from 9-1.  My sister has been helping me for the last two nights move and price everything.  She loves projects like this, but I hate the entire process….yuck!  I’m a bit of a furniture/lamp/picture frame/rug hoarder….so if you need any of those items you should come, haha.

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