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Anti-Aging Skincare For The Tired Mommy


I’m so excited to share some of my favorite beauty and skincare finds with you today.  Now that I have finished nursing and I’m not prego anymore, I can finally start using some anti-aging products.  I was using beauty counter products before this, but I needed an extra jump start to my skin.  Three small children makes me tired and my skin was looking tired and dull too. I’m over the moon about these products and you should try some too 😉


My ABSOLUTE favorite new product is definitely the universal peel.  It comes in step 1 and step 2 and it will give you an instant glow. My skin can be pretty sensitive, but it didn’t make me peel or have flaky skin.  My skin has felt smoother and tighter and I like how they are individually packaged so they don’t dry out.  I always struggle with blackheads on my nose and these pads pretty much eliminated that for me. After I use the peel, I rub the ferulic acid +retinol brightening solution all over my face and neck.  My face feels brighter afterwards and it gives me a nice dewy glow.  I use this in the morning, but you can add it to your evening routine too.  I can definitely tell that my freckles and sun spots are getting lighter. Retinol is great for anti-aging and I highly recommend it!


After I use the brightening solution I move on to the moisturizer.  This moisturizer is a ferulic + retinol anti-aging moisturizer. It’s light and absorbs quickly.  I don’t want to feel like I have too many lotions and ointments on my skin before I apply my makeup.  The final step is this SPF 50 dark spot sun defense.  This is definitely my all time favorite sunscreen.  As soon as I apply, it absorbs and I can put on my makeup.  It doesn’t feel greasy or make you look shiny.  Apply it all over your face, neck and chest area!!


I have dry skin and so at night I like to use a great moisturizer.  This moisturizer is pretty unique because it dispenses out of a small hole on the top to protect it from germs and the light that could weaken it’s ingredients.  After using this for a few days my skin felt more hydrated, softer and the fine lines seemed to be blurred a bit more.  The last step at night is the eye cream.  I rub that sucker all over my eyes.   It’s lightweight and seems to be doing a great job!

Morning Routine:

Cleanse (I’m using my old beauty counter cleanser and will try this once I’ve used it all up)

Universal Peel

Ferulic Brightening Solution



Nighttime Routine:


Nighttime Moisturizer

Eye cream

My friend Jen shot this on a bench outside of a restaurant because we hate the light at my house, hahaha.  I kept pulling products out of my purse and the construction workers around us for sure thought we were a bunch of weirdos.  Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!  I’m looking forward to all of the leaves falling off of the trees so that I can have the pretty light back in my house without the green tint!!

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