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I recently had my eyelash extensions removed and I needed to find a way to lengthen my lashes.  Longer lashes open the eye and make you look more alert than you really are. I loved my extensions, but they were super inconvenient to get filled in now that I have 3 kids.  I’ve been using this neu LASH serum for about 6 weeks and it has made my lashes grow super fast. I apply it every morning instead of at night because I want it on my lashes for as long a possible.  It’s definitely worth the investment…and much cheaper than extensions 😉  I bought the .2 oz bottle and I’m still using the same bottle over 6 weeks later.

I was given RevitaBrow and it is an awesome product too!  Years ago I had my eyebrows threaded pretty consistently and was a victim of over threading.  I’ve been applying it to my brows for 6 weeks and I started growing hair in places I haven’t had hair in years.  The worst thing a woman can do to her face is over pluck her brows.  If you are a victim of over tweezing or waxing, try this product out and be patient while your brows grow back in!  You will look younger with your brow transformation.loreal-feline-noir-mascara

I love buying new beauty products at the drugstore.  I picked up this Loreal lash primer and mascara a few weeks and LOVE it!  The primer puts a white coating on the lashes that lengthens and thickens. Once you apply the mascara these awesome lashes appear out of nowhere.  Lashes will transform your face so I definitely recommend wearing mascara EVERY day!  I’m not a huge fan of spending tons of money on mascara because I really do love the cheaper versions.


When I first saw this brush I didn’t understand what all of the hype was about…until I bought this magical Artis brush.  It’s super soft and it makes the foundation blend beautifully on your face.  I dot my face with my favorite Estee Lauder foundation and then blend it in with this brush.  I love it so much better than the beauty blender I was using and easier to clean in my opinion.


After I had my 3rd baby, my under eye area needed some extra help.  I’ve been applying this Smashbox hydrating eye primer before my concealer and it has made a huge difference.  It helps smooth the under eye area and brighten.  I need anything that helps smooth and brighten without drying it out.  It looks extra great with this Lancome concealer.  This stuff really stays in place all day and it doesn’t settle into your lines.  I hate reapplying anything every few hours, but I definitely don’t need to with this concealer.  It is a super popular product and definitely worth a try!


I love this amazing grace scent and I where it almost every day.  It’s clean and flirty without being overpowering.  I always keep a rollerball of perfume in my makeup because I never know when you need a touch up on the go!

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