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Caramel Apple Kit










Carmel Apple Kit

I was in Williams Sonoma the other day and I couldn’t resist buying this cute caramel apple kit.  When I showed the girls, they were giddy for several days before we actually made it happen.  This kit is currently on sale, but of course you could go to the grocery and buy all of the individual ingredients as well.  The little marshmallows in the kit are delicious and taste just like lucky charms 🙂  When you are melting the caramel on the stove do not walk away from the pot because it can go from melting to burnt pretty fast.  After I added the caramels and the condensed milk it just took a few minutes to melt together.  I poured each of the ingredients into individual bowls so the girls could dip.  I helped them get the caramel on the apples and they did all of the dipping themselves.  They had a blast and were quite impressed with themselves.  We had enough caramel to make 5 apples not 10 like the package says.  Also, the caramel stayed a bit chewy and didn’t harden much like you usually see.  I probably won’t add the condensed milk next time to prevent that from happening.  It was still tasty and the main part was that the girls had fun.  My husband came home shortly after and chowed down on one so he obviously loved them.  It was a fun fall activity that provided tasty treats for a few days 😉

In the future, I am going to use this recipe I found on Pinterest and warm the caramel in a crockpot instead so it stays warm but does not get overheated.  I also recommend chilling your apples ahead of time so that the caramel hardens faster and doesn’t slide off.  It’s also helpful to wait a minute to let the caramel settle before you begin dipping it into the toppings.  I had some mini chocolate chips in the pantry and decided to use that as part of our dipping party.  It ended up being Nola’s favorite…she loves chocolate like her mama!

I also wanted to point out again the wonderful kitchen stand that my friend makes.  I’m using the double stand and the height is adjustable.  Is a must for cooking in the kitchen with kids so they don’t fall and hurt themselves.  He can also do custom colors.  I’ve linked it in the widget below!


My nail color Oxblood by Gellish 😉



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