Herringbone Vest & Spanx Leggings










Herringbone Vest and Spanx Leggings

Have y’all tried the new Spanx leggings?!?!  Yes ladies, they make actual pants/leggings you can wear that feel great.  I’m wearing a small in these pics and what I love so much is that they go all the way up to your belly button.  My muffin top never felt so tight, hahaha.  They aren’t super constricting like their undergarments…they just keep you pulled together while looking great.  They are totally worth the investment, but you need to take care of them.  I always wash mine inside out and then hang dry 😉 I’ve been wearing this vest a ton lately because it’s so soft and perfect for cool fall mornings. It’s another Old Navy find I love that’s only $32.  When I bought it I kept double checking the price because it seemed like it should be more like a $125 vest and the checkout lady agreed 😉

We’re headed to the farm this weekend and I have 8-10 new recipes that I want to try.  Most of them are for Thanksgiving so I will do a post net week on the menu I will be preparing.  Of course other people are bringing dishes, but I have my set staples that I like to make.  We are hosting 19 adults and 9 kids at the farm, yikes! I  started planning my recipes and table scape about about two weeks ago because I don’t like feeling rushed these days.  I think I might be turning into a planner, yay!  Writing this blog has definitely helped me organize my life a bit because it forces me to plan.

What are your favorite dishes for Thanksgiving??  I’m always looking for crowd pleasing recipes!

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  1. Great post, as usual! I love this vest. What a find! And you are rocking the Spanx leggings…I saw them a couple of days ago on QVC… great to know a real person who likes them.