The Best Cords and Blanket Scarf


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I recently discovered the MOTHER brand and I’m over the moon in love.  These are the first cords in history I’ve owned that haven’t made me feel like an uncool middle aged mom.  They have an unfinished edge and are high waisted, my fave!  They are super comfy and never lose shape.  I HATE when pants look baggy after wearing them for a day.  This is also the brand of jeans I wore in this post.  This blanket scarf is also a closet staple.  It’s great for a cold winter day OR to throw over your shoulders at a restaurant or on a plane.  I have the black version too and literally used it as a blanket around my body when it was super windy outside.  My friend was like where did you get a blanket?!  I said, umm hello it’s a BLANKET scarf, hahaha. I’ve been wearing a bright lip lately because I’m excited about the holidays.  This color is Mexican Rose and I’ve linked it below 😉

Are y’all ready for Thanksgiving??  Make sure you check out my post from yesterday to see a checklist of items you will need int the kitchen if you are hosting at your house!  Have a great weekend everybody!

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