A Stocking Full of Goodies


I LOVE a good stocking stuffer!  My parents always gave us the best stocking stuffers growing up.  I know sometimes men are at a loss as to what they should put in a stocking…so this is for all of the men out there!  Of course chocolate, jewelry and naughty panties are always a fun add on too…  More on those Christmas traditions coming soon, because I have some funny ones that happen in our family. Sephora has the best little things that every woman will love to stick in that stocking to surprise her. These are all items I own and love, so if you get them for her I know she will love them too.

silk pillowcase – Perfect for keeping your hair in place and the wrinkles off of your face.

evian – Great hydrating refresher especially in the winter months.

chloe perfume – I bought this little rollerball perfume to make sure I liked the scent…and I DO!  I’ll be asking for the big bottle for Christmas.

stocking – These are what I have hanging in my family room.

brush – I keep this fresh in my purse at all times and basically it’s the only thing I travel with too (It’s great for little kids hair as well!)

mascara – my new favorite thing!  It really volumizes my lashes and it doesn’t clump.

lipgloss – I have been using this since I was a little girl, it’s a makeup bag staple.

makeup removal – This is also my new favorite.  It takes off all of the mascara I just mentioned above AND it’s great for taking off colorful lipstick.

face refresher – I love spiriting a little of this on my face after long day with the kids or travel.  It has a minty smell and instantly makes you feel rejuvenated.

overnight mask – I tried the avocado one first and it felt great.  I’m all about any type of overnight mask or hydrating treatments in the winter months.

face masks – These are great to slap on in the morning while you are getting ready to hydrate your face.  You just leave on for 15 min to give your face a jumpstart to the day.

lipgloss – This is my FAVORITE lipgloss ever.  I have gone through multiple tubes.  Even my mother in law has complimented it 😉  It’s the perfect nude to wear by itself OR to layer on top of a color.

emergency kit – The perfect thing to leave in your car or pack when you travel.  I always need an extra hair tie, file, or needle and thread, etc.


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