Peppermint Bark

I decided to try my hand at making some peppermint bark with the girls the other day.  It turned out great and it was quite tasty.  It’s a bit labor intensive stirring the chocolate and making sure it doesn’t burn, etc.  It was fun to make and do the whole process, but honestly if I want peppermint bark again I’m just going to buy it from here.  I wrapped it up in a cute little jar with some Christmas ribbon from Michael’s.  You could even give it to a neighbor or friend for a little gift.  I used this recipe from Pinterest if you want to try it.  I also used yummy chocolate bars instead of chocolate chips to make sure it tasted extra good.  Since there are few ingredients I think they need to be high quality ingredients.

My sweater is 40% off and it comes in white and black too 😉  Also, how cute is that little kitchen helper stand for my kids to stand on?!  My friend makes them and I have the double.


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  1. Y’all are so beautiful and the bark looks yummy. So glad you cook with your girls. See you Christmas Eve.