My Friday 5

  1. shoes – I love these shoes.  So comfy and the retro style makes me happy.  I have several colors listed in the widget below that are under $50.  I also found a pair in black that I’m obsessed with.
  2. backpack purse – I FINALLY purchased a backpack to prevent my shoulder from hurting so much.  It is my favorite thing ever!  If milk spills, I don’t care because I can literally rinse it.  I can also throw it around and not worry about scratching it.  Plus, having a more hands free bag is just easier with 3 kids.  I’ve linked similar ones below.
  3. sweatshirt – I own this in 3 colors and I rotate them throughout the week.  SO soft and I never want to take it off. You can roll down the neck, but I like it up 😉 I’m wearing a medium for reference.
  4. camera – This is the best little camera for throwing into my bag to photograph the kids.  The iPhone can only do so much…  The Fuji is excellent in low light situations like restaurants and for fast moving targets like kids.  It has an interchangeable lens if you wanna get fancy and you can shoot on manual too.  For photographing my kids I typically keep it on automatic because I just don’t have an extra hand to mess with too much. Plus, the best part about it is that it is wifi.  So, once you download the app on your phone the pics can go straight to your phone.  Now you don’t have to download a card onto your computer, whoopee!
  5. paleo kids cookbooks – As of this week my kids are dairy free and 90 % of the gluten has been cut from their diets.  My middle child seems to catch everything coming and going so we are in the middle of healing her gut.  I needed some easy recipes for meals and snacks so I bought two excellent book off of Amazon.  Both books are listed in the widget below.  I have been dairy free for quite awhile and it really does make a difference.  Less bloat and less fluff on my body 😉

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  1. Hey Jess! I’m trying dairy free too this year and I’m excited. I am in the market for dairy free recommendation items. For now, I’m going with unsweetened almond coconut coffee creamer and the brand “kite” for almond cream cheese at whole foods. Feel free to dish tips! All the best, Sarah

  2. I’m looking for a camera that can catch tree work in action and be easy to upload for social media. Thoughts in the $500 range? Or is the extra $ really worth it.