5 Things I Packed for Costa Rica

I just returned from visiting my brother in Costa Rica.  He gets to live there in that magical paradise.  Today, I’m sharing 5 things that I brought with me on my trip. I’ll be sharing soon more details about our trip in another post 😉

1. Travel Cosmetic Cases – I love pretty cosmetic cases that are spacious and functional.  I recently bought this one and this one.  I took them to Costa Rica with me and I was able to fit everything I needed…which is a lot of random crap!  Also, the roller carry on you see in the picture is a life saver.  I FINALLY bought something that rolls that I don’t have to carry and my back and shoulders are thanking me.

2. Face Mask – Traveling can really zap your skin glow.  I am loving these masks from BioRepublic.  I slapped one on as soon as I got to Costa Rica on Wednesday 😉

3. Parenting Book – John Rosemond knows his stuff and he will quickly sharpen your parenting skills.  I’m reading the “Parenting by The Book” on vacation.  I need some different techniques for my sweet Quinny Whinny that doesn’t seem to respond to what I’m currently doing….

4. Swimsuit – If you want a one piece that doesn’t scream “I’m a mom” then check out the Bleu Rod Beattie brand. I bought one last year very similar to this and I love it.  It’s especially great if you have a long torso and have problems with wedgies and such.  I’m currently wearing this one and it comes in 2 other colors.  It’s barely over $100, so you aren’t going to break the bank on something cute.  LOVE!!

5. Workout Pants – I packed these for Costa Rica just in case I had the urge to workout on vacay.  They are high waisted with no camel toe problems and only $52.  They also come in a few different patterns.  I highly recommend them!



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