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Time to Revamp Your Sleepwear

Ok ladies, you know we are all guilty of sleeping in ugly pajamas from time to time…or all of the time.  For me, I had a super cozy pair of maternity pants that I just loooooved sleeping in. It felt like a warm hug around my stomach, haha.  Well, I went through a crazy stage a couple weeks ago and pitched everything that was ugly, tired looking and frumpy.  Basically everything that my husband would think was not attractive.  It’s easy to accumulate old tanks and sweatpants, but at a certain point enough is enough.  Even though it’s just my kids and the hubs that sees me in my pajamas, I still like to feel cute.  I will never get rid of my sweats; I bought cute ones instead.  It doesn’t matter if you’re single and nobody sees you…do it for yourself.  Plus, you never know when the fire alarm might go off and you need a speedy exit.  Life is too short to look frumpy ladies 😉

Weekly Challenge: Go through your drawers and donate any sleepwear/loungewear that is tired, frumpy and just plain ugly.  We are going to work our way through your closet so that we are ready for Spring shopping soon. We will be attacking your underwear and bras next, so stay tuned.

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  1. 2.2.17
    Lisa Baker said:

    You’re so right Jess…Life IS too short to be frumpy. After 40 years of wearing flannel night gowns in the winter, I finally upgraded to some ultra cozy and super soft night shirts and pjs from Soma. They are so comfortable but very pretty as well. And they don’t make me hot in the middle of the night…very important feature for a woman in her mid 40s.

    • 2.4.17
      admin said:

      I love SOMA! Doing a post this upcoming week on how much I love their panties!! Wedgie free!!

  2. 10.26.21
    Anjali Sinha said:

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