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All about the Panty Drawer

Ok everybody, I just had to share with you my favorite underwear. My friend Neelley told me about these a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m all about thongs and no panty lines, etc but sometimes you just want a comfy pair of undies without anything up your butt…well at least I do. She said you could sleep with your leg hiked up and never get a wedgie and then I was sold.  These are totally wedgie free undies and if you still get a wedgie, well you probably need to size up 😉  I learned that the hard way with my expanding arse while pregnant…

The other thing I wanted to talk about was organizing your panty drawer ladies!!  When was the last time you picked up every pair of panties you own and decide if they were worth keeping??  I’m still in my purging stage and just did that very thing.  I emptied my entire drawer and tossed out the following:

-too small or too big (bigger panties for pregnancy, etc.)

-anything that looked worn and old

-obviously anything stained…

-anything that was uncomfortable or wedgie prone

-anything that I never wore and was just taking up space

-and of course all panties that were my “pregnancy” underwear because I never plan on needing anything that big again, hahaha

I did the same thing with my bras too.  After you have a baby things upstairs can shift around so  I put those in the donate pile and then got fitted for new ones. I found some comfy (no underwire) bras from SOMA that you can throw on under a sweatshirt too.  I plan on sleeping in mine because I don’t like the loose goosey feeling, but to each his own 😉  I recommend sizing up because I thought a medium would be sufficient, but it wasn’t.

OK random poll, I would love if you would leave a comment below because I’m so curious.  Are there really girls out there that don’t own anything but thongs?!?!  I have a really good friend who said she only wears thongs and only owns thongs.  WHAT?!  I’m obviously giving her underwear for her birthday and they will have a butt attached to the waistband, haha.

panties style 1 | panties style 2 |  panties style 3 | bralette

Basically anything with a vanishing edge has the cling on the edges that prevents wedgies.

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  1. 3.8.17
    Anne said:

    Hahahaha! Don’t take my Hankie Pankies from me!! But, yes, I do like to sleep in a comfy pair of undies with a butt. 😉 And sometimes, under certain things, I need full panties. So…Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. 3.8.17

    There is no way I could sleep in a thong. My undie drawer is half thongs, half full coverage. Isn’t it amazing when you find a great pair of undies to stock up on?! I fell in love with a simple cotton thong from Nordstrom a few months ago and went back to buy every pair in my size–half in black, half in nude. Then I threw out every other pair I owned. I love a reliably comfortable pair of undies.

  3. 3.8.17
    Christie Bryant said:

    Total Thong girl here. I have not had a whole pair since I was 13. If it is going to go up there, better it be a string that a whole butt. My hubby says THANKS!! I am updating the pantie drawer soon. It is nice to be inspired.

  4. 3.8.17
    Teresa Kamm said:

    I like the invisible panty line (non-thong) panties that Soma sells. They come in lots of colors and several shapes ranging from hipster, bikini to high-waisted. The technology makes sure the line does not show nor does it allow the panty to creep up–due to the magic invisible line.