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Easter Tablescape at the Farm

There is nothing that excites me more than setting a gorgeous table.  I love to entertain and one of the best parts is designing the tablescape. I love finding new chargers, placemats, vases, cloth napkins, etc.  Jen, my friend who photographed this post, thought it was hysterical that I set this entire table and then nobody sat down to eat.  I’m probably just weirdo, but it was just fun to see it all come together and create something gorgeous.  That’s me, I like design and pretty things.  The most special part of this entire table is my grandmother’s floral china that she gave to me.  Not only is it sentimental, but it’s gorgeous.  I think she’s probably smiling down from heaven because her gorgeous china was being used.  Oh the stories I would love to hear those dishes tell.  I think she had about 24 place settings because my grandmother was quite the entertainer herself.  She gave half to me and the other half to my aunt. I definitely got my fair skin (pics above with a spray tan;), morning sickness, love of baking and entertaining all from her.  Plus, my third child is literally her exact clone!  It’s like I gave birth to my grandmother!!

Even if  you are not hosting Easter lunch/dinner at your house, you can still use all of this for a fancy spring dinner party.  If you are hosting in the evening I would definitely add some candles.  I love how the light dances around on the stemware, so romantic and pretty

I arranged all of the flowers above and will be giving you an easy tutorial on how to recreate that next week.  It’s super easy because I barely know what I’m doing and it somehow came together.

I frequently visit some of my favorite home decor shops in Atlanta so that I can snatch things above before they get picked over.  There is nothing more frustrating than needing eight chargers and they only have seven.  First world problems I know, but I’m just giving you some insight into my thought process.

One of my favorite finds on this table are the pink chargers.  They are actually paper!!  WHAT?! I know!  That company sells paper chargers, plates, bowls, etc.  Check out all of their products here. I love layering on the table and the pink chargers really brought the placemats and china together.  If you want to skip the whole dish washing thing, you could order all of your dishes from them and then just toss at the end.  If the chargers don’t get ruined during the meal, you can totally reuse those.  This is a great alternative too for a cute kids table at Easter so that everything matches, but it won’t shatter 😉

I’ve linked my placemats in the widget below along with some similar pink napkins.  If you are already going in a certain direction, check out this shop for some pretty add ons to your table. I just discovered them and will definitely be stalking their site more this weekend.

One thing I’m dying to try is borrowing my moms lace tablecloth from back in the day.  It is SO old fashioned, but I think it could look cool on the wood table without a table cloth underneath.  Have fun designing your tables everybody and let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I love hearing from you!!

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  1. 4.7.17
    Jeanne Cathell said:

    This is beautiful! Love the China and your dress is stunning!

  2. 4.7.17
    Susan said:

    I won’t tell your mom what you said about her tablecloth 😉
    Next time I am near GA, I would love to meet you in person!

  3. 4.7.17
    Elizabeth said:

    Beautiful table and dress! You mentioned you have a spray tan– where do you go? I am fair skinned as well and am looking for a good place!

    • 4.8.17
      admin said:

      Go to Spray Studio, it is THE BEST place in Atlanta!! The owner is the only one who sprays and she does a flawless job!

      • 4.8.17
        Elizabeth said:

        Great! Thank you!

  4. 3.23.19
    Hope Baker said:

    Du Quebec (canada), J’adore votre table. C’est tout a fait ravissant!