Loungwear and Breakfast at the Farm

Cute loungewear has been something that I’m finding myself more in need of these days.  We spend a lot of time at the farm and I love wearing things that are pretty and comfortable.  This pullover comes in seven colors and I’m wearing a small. Cute and comfy is pretty much what I’m looking for in clothes these days.  Plus, items that are super-washable are extremely pragmatic when chasing around three kids.

One thing that I always sleep in is long sleeves.  My husband likes our room freezing and I always need something on my arms.  In addition, if you are going on vacation this summer I feel like condos and hotels are always so frigid!

For breakfast at the farm, I usually try to include some type of protein.  But sometimes I feel lazy and just want to be done.  I found this cute little stand at a local antique store and instantly snatched it up.  It’s perfect for a casual little breakfast display.  I bought all of the doughnuts and muffins from Whole Foods and called it a day.  Throw some fresh flowers next to it and boom—it looks like you’re Martha Stewart (haha). I’ve linked several stands below for you to look at.  I really like the three-tiered stands because then you can add some grapes and fresh fruit to your display as well.

I love finding easy ways to dress up simple things.  The presentation is probably the most fun for me! Y’all should check out my recent post “How to Revamp Your Sleepwear.” My sister admitted that the post inspired her to stop wearing her old basketball shorts to bed—BAHAHAHA!

pullover pitcher | mugs | stand

Just for fun, I would love to hear what kinds of frumpy items y’all sleep in. I used to love my over-the-belly maternity pants (when I was not prego)…NOT cute :-0

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