Belted Slip Dress

slip dress at the beach

belted slip dress

givenchy bag and a slip dress

givenchy bag and splendid slip dress

cute resort dress

celine sunglasses and givenchy bag

details of a slip dress

Belted Slip Dress

I love this belted slip dress.  It’s an easy dress to throw on by itself or with a belt.  I personally like anything I can belt because it helps give me some shape.  After three babies, my waist is still hiding and I’m not sure when I will ever have it back. If you want to cover your slip dress a bit more, you can throw a denim or utility jacket on top. I’ll link a couple cute options below in the widget. This slip dress also comes in four colors too so make sure you check it out. This is another look I shot at Sea Island, so the backdrop is of course gorgeous. Did you see the belted dress post from last week that I shot there too?

My earrings are by Audrey Allman Designs and you must check out her collection. She is so creative and she has a ton of gorgeous pieces to choose from.  Mywedges are the most comfortable shoes I own besides sneakers. They are neutral so they will basically go with anything you own 😉

slip dress | belt | wedges | earrings | bracelet | sunglasses | utility jacket | denim jacket

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I have a lot of you ask how I have the time to be a mom to three, run a photography studio and create content for my blog.  I shot this look last minute on a quick weekend getaway.  My husband was feeding my two older girls breakfast and I had the baby in the stroller next to the photographer.  If I walked too far away she would cry and pitch a fit. This child is attached to my hip.  It’s pretty adorable until I actually need to get something done, haha.

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