Birthday Garden Party at the Farm

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This birthday garden party at the farm was so much fun to plan and day dream about. My fabulous friend Jamie of Sweetwood Creative Co. was the mastermind behind the whole project.  I never in a million years could have pulled off this party without her help.  The amount of decor she has squared away for party occasions is quite impressive.  If you have a party you want to throw, you need to call her. Think of all the stress you will save yourself when you see a Pinterest inspired party you want to throw.


Party Planner

Hand Lettering

Teepee (currently on sale)

Cake – The best thing I have ever eaten!!



Glasses – short

Glasses – tall

Little Tables (APPLARO) – x3

Pink Cushion (VÄLLINGBY) – x2

White Throw (OFELIA) – x2

Duvet Cover (STENORT) – x1

Sheer Curtains (BORGHILD) -x2

Pink Cushion Cover (GULLKLOCKA) – x4

Pillow (FJADRAR) – x4 (for use with Gullklocka cover)

Pink Pillow Cover (GURLI) – x8

Small Pillow (FJADRAR) – x8 (for use with Gurli – qty 8)

Throw (HERMINE)- x1

Rug (SIGNE) – x2

Gray Rug (FARDRUP) – x3

Throw (GURLI) – x1

Candle (LUGGA)

Flower Pillow (HEDBLOMSTER)- x2

Fabric for tables – local fabric store

If it’s not listed above, then Jamie brought it from home in her bag of tricks.

To capture the beauty of this party set up was a labor of love. The actual birthday party was on a Saturday in April and this was shot on the night before.  We set up the entire event to have it beautifully photographed at sunset.  Oh the things we do to get the perfect shot.  It was so incredibly hot that weekend that we practically melted. We had to break down the whole set up Friday night before the morning dew ruined everything.  Then, we set everything back up the following morning.  My two oldest girls were both born in the winter, so a I decided to go a bit bonkers with a Spring garden party.  The last party I threw at the farm was Thanksgiving and you can see that post here.

Life Update:

I am currently consumed with moving next month and all of the fabric and paint samples that my dining room table is covered in. We are staying  in Atlanta, just moving to a house with a child friendly yard. I am designing all of the interiors myself, so I have a lot on my mind. I don’t have a lot of mental free space, so blogging will be sporadic until August.  To stay updated, sign up for email notifications in the top right hand column of my blog.  I love putting shopping looks and sales together, so make sure you sign up to get notified when I post something new.  Once we move into the new space, I will start sharing the design progression, wahoo!



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