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Leopard Clothes for Fall

Leopard clothes and shoes are a very trendy item this fall.  Leopard print is a timeless classic perfect to wear and decorate with.  I bought my favorite pair of leopard flats about 15 years ago and they would still be in style today if I hadn’t lost them. I’m a bit of a leopard fanatic, so now that it’s more of a trend this season there are so many more options to choose from. This leopard duster is sold out now, but I’ve linked some fabulous clothes below to fulfill all of your leopard dreams. I’m eyeing this leopard dress and this leopard wrap top.  Can you really have too much leopard?!?!  Ya, I didn’t think so.

I’ve paired this duster with my favorite high waisted black jeans and the best bodysuit.  I’ve worn this bodysuit a ton this fall and it’s super affordable. To see other posts with the bodysuit click here and here. I dressed this duster up for more of a nighttime look, but you can make this work for day too.  Just pair it with some cool mules like these and a knotted white t-shirt.  You can keep the black jeans or you can wear something like these.

Decorating With Leopard

This post was shot in my partially finished sunroom because, it was just too hot outside.  The last thing I want to do when it’s 85 degrees is change clothes 14 times in a hot car. I love decorating with leopard too and my favorite thing I’ve done in my house is leopard carpet!!  You can check out the leopard rug in my old house here.  In our new house I put leopard carpet in my girls room and it is AWESOME!!  Especially when your daughter barfs on the rug…you can’t find the stain at all, hahahahaha. When their room is done I will share it with y’all.



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