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Healthy Lifestyle Changes

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healthy snacks to make more energy after work healthy lifestyle more energy without caffeine more energy during the dayI’m excited to share with y’all some Healthy Lifestyle Changes that I will be implementing over the next three weeks.  My good friend Jess is the PR guru for Dr. Taz here in Atlanta.  You have probably seen her on The Doctors and Kelly and Ryan. She just wrote a book called Super Woman RX and it’s all about finding your power type as a woman.

If you are a woman, you need to take the quiz to find out your power type, it’s fascinating!  To take the quiz click here. I am the Boss Lady, but the others are Gypsy Girl, Savvy Chick, Earth Mama and Nightingale. I love hearing what everybody’s power type is, so leave a comment and let me know which one you are. Once you find out which type you are, you can reference the chapter in the book that specifically addresses your health.  It was so surprising to read some of the common ailments with my personality…reflux, join pain, etc.

My first week of healthy lifestyle changes at a glance:

  1. Reset my PH, 6m-7am
  2. Ease digestion with breakfast and lunch smoothies
  3. Skip red meat
  4. Build my micro biome by eating foods that boost good bugs
  5. Seal my leaky gut, fortify with supplements. (probiotics, digestive enzymes and glutamine) – You can buy these at her office or at Whole Foods, your local health food store, etc.
  6. Flush Toxins with a liver lover smoothie
  7. Master midday meals
  8. Cool your fire with food
  9. Cool your fire with exercise
  10. Cool your fire with mind, body, and beauty regimens. (aromatherapy, epsom salt bath, beauty regiments)

To find out all of the details on each step you really need to buy the book.  The book gives you recipes and all of the in depth knowledge to get your body healed and full of energy.  I need more energy so badly.  When I was super strict over a year ago about not eating any dairy or anything processed I had SO MUCH energy. I also shed all of the pregnancy “fluff” I was carrying.  It all comes down to determination and discipline and I’m determined to stick to the three week plan.

I’m also giving away a copy of the Super Woman RX book to one of my lucky readers! Just leave a comment with your power type and I will announce the winner on Friday on my Insta Stories.  You will need to check the stories to see if you’ve won so I can mail you your book.

Crunch Kale Chips

Use fresh kale and wash and then dry it using a salad spinner or dehydrator or simply leave it on the counter for an hour.

2 cups kale, torn into chip-size pieces

1 tablespoon coconut oil

2 tablespoons coconut flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

Preheat oven to 325 degrees

In a bowl, combine the kale, oil, flour, and salt. Toss. Spread on a shallow baking sheet. Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until crispy.

My kids LOVED these kale chips and so did I.  Such an easy snack to make that has great flavor without any preservatives and brain fogging ingredients. Stay tuned for the end of my week three, because I will do an update on how I’m feeling and if I lost any weight!!

I’ve also linked some cozy things to wear below like I’m wearing in the pics above.  You can also check out this post too with the cozier pajamas too.






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  1. 10.17.17
    Katie Runyan said:

    I’m a boss lady as well. 🙂

  2. 10.17.17

    I didn’t expect to be, but I am a “Boss Lady”! I have been feeling VERY low energy and know I need a fix! Can’t wait to check this book out or win it! Good luck with your 3 week challenge, Jess. They say a habit for 21 days is the way to go! You got this.

  3. 10.17.17
    april said:

    Oh I’m a Boss Lady too…but everyone already knew that 😉.
    This is so interesting! I litteraly just pulled myself off the couch where I accidentally fell asleep during Violet’s nap. And I still haven’t lost the weight from my 2nd pregnancy.

    • 10.17.17
      admin said:

      It’s so tough to lose it as a mom because I’m sooo tired at the end of the day that I don’t want to exercise and then I see the cookies in the pantry and I say to myself I deserve that because I had a busy long day with the kids!!!

  4. 10.17.17
    Kritsida said:

    That kale chips look so good! And yes, I’m all about healthy habits!
    x. kritsida

  5. 10.17.17
    Viviana said:

    Im trying the 21 day Belly Fit by Dr. Taz. Oh my! This is my day 4 and feel incredible! I can’t wait to see how different I’m feeling with the new having on the following days! This is the first time I’m reading your blog.

  6. 10.17.17
    Karla said:

    I’m a Nightingale! Hoping to pick up this book soon. I’ve been wanting to read it!

  7. 10.18.17
    Sophie said:

    Kale chips are the best! I used to make them all the time.

  8. 10.18.17
    Allie said:

    Savvy Chick here. Cannot wait to try the plan.

  9. 10.18.17
    Tanya said:

    Where did you get your living room furniture & lamps? Love them!

  10. 10.18.17
    Farin said:

    Much to my surprise, I’m a Boss Lady! Looking forward to learning more about that 🙂

  11. 10.18.17
    Stacey said:

    I was surprised I got boss lady.

    @stylingsofstacey |

  12. 10.20.17
    Natali said:

    Mmmm, noms, those kale chips look delish! Yes, to see any progress and have results which will last, the only way to achieve those is by making a permanent lifestyle changes. No diets or quick fixes ever work.

  13. 10.20.17
    Cyndi Cook said:

    Wait, what? I’m a boss lady? I must read on….

  14. 10.21.17
    Mia said:

    Gut health is so important girl! I love incorporating foods like bone broth, sauerkraut (and other fermented foods), and high quality sourdough to help with gut health. Off to take that power quiz now!

    Mia |

  15. 10.26.17
    Anne said:

    What!?! I got Boss Lady. Hmm. Thought for sure I’d get the Earth Lady or Treehugger one (haha – can’t remember the names). Fun. 🙂

  16. 11.11.17
    Elizabeth said:

    Where is your sofa from? Love it!

  17. 11.11.17
    Elizabeth said:

    Where did you find your sofa? Love it!

  18. 1.19.18
    martha said:

    I’m a Boss Lady!