Styling Booties

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How to Style Booties

Styling booties doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. When you try on booties, I recommend trying it on with your jeans and cuffing it just a bit.  There are so many types of booties out this season, but just focus on what you are going to get the most wear out of.  Once you get your basic booties down, then you can venture off into booties with dresses, etc.  But I must say, that takes a very specific type of leg and body type to really pull it off successfully.  Anyways, my mom was asking me the other day about a pair of booties and what she should wear with them.  So, I told her to try cuffing them.  All jeans are not the same, but I have found that on me; the slim straight leg look best cuffed.  When I tried these booties on with a cuffed skinny it was just too tight and the proportion looked off. It’s all about balance 😉  Anyways, happy cuffing everybody!

My blouse is from Club Monaco from last year, but I’ve linked other options below 😉 I LOVE blouses.  It’s so easy to throw on with any type of denim and instantly look polished.

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