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Halloween BOO Basket Fun

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halloween boo basket fun

The story behind how this Halloween BOO Basket Fun came to be is hysterical.  About two weeks ago, we had just gotten home with all of the kids from having dinner out. All of the sudden we heard this intense knocking on the door.  The kind of knocking a huge gorilla would do.  We were super startled and my husband started yelling through the door saying “Can I help you?” I high tailed it upstairs and started looking out the window to see if I could spot anyone.  All of the sudden, I see two people hiding behind our front bushes. It was super alarming, so I yelled at Matt to come upstairs.  We of course have all of the lights out in the upstairs bedroom, he opens the window and starts forcefully saying things to them. They realize we can see them and before my husband can start threatening them we realize they are two neighborhood kids!  They said to check the front door and then they ran off. We checked the front door and there it was, our first BOO basket. Our sweet neighborhood kids were simply delivering a cute little basket of treats their mom had gathered for our girls.  HAHAHAHAHA. Little did they know, they scared the pants off of us and we weren’t about to open our door after seeing a basket of treats on the front stoop.  What if that was there just to lure us out of the house before somebody jumped us.  Seriously, you can never be too safe…especially when you live in an area where the crime reports can get crazy.

I’m happy to report that it was just some cute neighborhood fun that I had to share with y’all. I recreated my own Halloween BOO basket fun with some treats off of Amazon and the drugstore.  I’m sure the Target $1 aisle is a perfect spot to gather treats too. If you need the download for the BOO instructions, click here. It’s not too late to drop off your own Halloween BOO basket to somebody who has kids. The best part is, you don’t have to have kids in order to have the fun! Plus, there is no candy in this treat bag!! Just some wine for mama.  I was going to include a bottle of wine in the one I created…BUT I have misplaced my license and nobody will sell alcohol to me.  SO, I used a bottle of champagne that I had in my fridge.

I would love to hear any funny stories about your Halloween BOO Basket Fun. My girls were over the moon excited about all of the little goodies they received!! Also, don’t forget to check out my Apple Crisp post I did a couple days ago with the girls.  Their Halloween aprons are too cute!

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