10 Latest Fashion Cravings

current fashion cravings

10 Latest Fashion Cravings

Enjoy my Latest Fashion Cravings this year and are perfect to put on your Christmas  list or to give to a any special woman in your life!

1.         Kenmare Poncho: I’ve always loved ponchos so I’m super excited about bringing them back into my closet this winter! I plan to pair these with my favorite pair of jeans and some booties or leggings with those Gucci slides. This Poncho can be easily thrown on to pick your little on from school with some leggings or to go to a dinner with the family.

2.       Striped Shirt Dress: I’m super excited about wearing this with some leggings and over the knee boots for a simple yet stylish outfit. It can be easily layered with some faux fur like my favorite #4!

3.         Beaded Hoop Earrings: The perfect pair of earrings that you can basically style with everything to dress it up! It adds a little more spice than the original hoop with the beaded texture. A must have!

4.         Faux Fur Vest: I’m a huge fan of faux fur! Its great for keeping warm and layering over any outfit to dress it up. I can wait to style it with a nice blouse or sweater and could easily pair with some booties or even loafers.

5.        Faux Leather Leggings: Leggings are my absolute favorite and adding faux leather dresses them up immediately! Perfect for days when you don’t have much time to plan an outfit and can easily throw on an over sized sweater and some earrings.  I might have to buy a couple pair of these.

6.       Eyeshadow Palette: The Naked palette is very popular but also a must have! The neutral tones are perfect for a day to day look but has enough dark colors to switch to a night look. Its all in one sleek palette so even better for travel.   

7.       Knitted Beanie: Some days my hair just isn’t working with me and beanies are perfect for those kind of days! Even better when it’s a super cute one. The simple grey color of it with allow you to pair it with any outfit while keeping its stylish with the braided texture.   

8.         Black Loafers: An absolute shoe staple! This loafer is so sleek and easily paired with any outfit for an on the go look or a fancy night out. I have an affordable pair linked here, but splurging is always fun especially on something as perfect as these!

9.       High Waisted Leggings: Leggings are a serious fashion craving of mine as I stated but do you know what makes them even better? A high waist! Perfect for days when a little more needs to be tucked in and nobody has to know! These would look great with my favorite #2.

10.   Black Satchel: A little black bag is what very woman needs her closet. Simply paired with any look while keeping you put together. The reptile texture adds a touch of flare to a normal black purse.


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