Fur and Feather Accessories for the Frilly Girl

Fur and Feather Accessories for the Frilly Girl

  1. Hampshire Wrap | 2. Mink Fur Pompom Earring | 3. Tory Burch Feather Bag | 4. Tabby Fur Scarf | 5. Faux Fur Pompom Scarf | 6. Jasper Fur Infinity Scarf | 7. Clara Gloves | 8. Krystal Cashmere Wrap | 9. Genuine Fox Fur Earmuffs | 10. Minnie Rose Slippers | 11. UGG Pompom sock | 12. Genuine Rabbit Fur Vest

Gift Guide for the Frilly Girls

1. Hampshire Wrap – The perfect throw on piece that any girl girl will love in her collection! It can easily be dressed up or down with the neutral tones color.
2. PomPom Earring – The glamourous little earing perfect for any special outfit. The mink makes it a soft and delicate touch that is very cute for any one.
3. Feather Bag– The perfect little black bag for any girl who loves some feathers! A perfect statement piece in their collection that can be worn with so many outfits.
4. Fur Scarf– This fur scarf will add a touch of glam to any outfit and is perfect as a gift for them to use every winter season!
5. PomPom Scarf – Now this is an adorable statement piece and since PomPom have been super in recently any fashion loving girl would love to have this! The solid black color will keep it looking classy yet fun!
6. Fur Infinity Scarf– You can’t go wrong with an infinity scarf and adding fur just makes it even better. You can add this on the go for a touch of warmth and style.
7. Gloves– I know I can’t be the only one to go through gloves like crazy so the gift of gloves is always needed. With the touch of fur, they will be more determined to not lose them. A must have!
8. Cashmere Wrap – Who doesn’t love cashmere? This soft wrap will keep your stylish girl warm all day long. I love this because it can be thrown on with so many outfits. The gift that keeps on giving!
9. Fur Earmuffs – A winter necessity takes a cute turn! I personally love thee with the fur and make wearing ear muffs something to look forward too. Perfect for family pics in the snow!
10. Slippers– Any girl needs a good pair of slippers! The little fur pompom adds a flare to them and I can only imagine how comfortable they are.
11. Pompom Sock – These are so cute! A boot lover like myself could wear these under them or simply with some cute PJ’s. Socks can be a generic gift but a fabulous pair like these anyone would want!
12. Rabbit Fur Vest– One of my favs! A good fur vest is perfect to add on to any outfit for extra warmth, rabbit fur will give it an extra touch to make any girl feel a little more special.

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