Affordable Athleisure Under $125

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1.Classic Sports Bra | 2.Razor Back Sports Bra | 3.Crisscross Sweatshirt | 4.Wrap Sweatshirt | 5.Backless Top | 6.Black Sneaker | 7.Silver New Balance | 8.Black and White Stripped Leggings | 9.Marble Leggings | 10.High Waist Moto Legging 

Affordable Athleisure Under $125

New year, new body? Right! Its time to get motivated to start working out for the new year and what’s better than some super cute workout gear to do the trick? I picked some of my favorite affordable athelisure under $125! Nothing is worse than wanting to workout but not having the appropriate gear so I covered everything! From sports bras to leggings, shirts and sweaters to wear over them. Personally, I love solid colored work out gear because they are easier to mix and match without looking like you’re wearing the same outfit over again. These are some of my favorite leggings because of the high waist, and I promise you will never go back. The tops I selected are great because they are flow enough to not hug your body but not get in the way while you’re working out. I hate doing push ups and my whole shirt is wide open for the world to see! These won’t do that to you I promise.

I also added a wrap cardigan because honestly they are so comfortable to wear and its something you can just throw on to wear around the house. I’ve shown my love of sneakers before because they can be so stylish! I chose some traditional black sneakers but I also added these awesome silver metallic new balance shoes! I’m going to have to show y’all how I style them outside the gym but here are some Nikes I styled with a fur coat from a past blog. Yes, these items can all move into your daily outfits and still look super cute! Now that we have our outfits together its time to it the gym.. at least the treadmill!

Afforadable Athleisure under $125


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