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My Holy Grail Makeup Products

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My Holy Grail Makeup Products

I’m finally sharing my holy grail makeup products because it has been highly requested! I personally love finding out what makeup my friends are loving too so I thought this could help anyone out who is on the market for some new makeup. I have learned over the past few years that life with three kids doesn’t leave a lot of time to spend hours in the bathroom getting ready. These products have saved me by lasting all day after one application in the morning. I no longer have to worry about my masara smudging or foundation looking to heavy. Over time, I have really narrowed down my collection to the best of the best and it also saves me space in my bathroom. You have to give these products a try because I know you will not regret it! I don’t use every product every day because I just don’t have tie for that, but when I DO have the time this is my routine. I recently did a tutorial with my makeup artist on a makeup look that would be perfect for a date night or V-DAY so check it out here!

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