Meet Henley The Goldendoodle

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Meet Henley The Goldendoodle

I have been wanting a giant goldendoodle for as long as I can remember. My dream finally came true two weeks ago when Henley arrived all the way from Oklahoma. I ran into a few people in Atlanta that had beautiful goldendoodles and I kept record of the breeder when the time came. Riverbend Kennels has been the best to work with and I can’t recommend them enough!

Last fall I had insomnia, so I decided to kill some time on Facebook. An update from the kennel popped up and so I decided to explore their page a little further. As it turns out, they were accepting deposits for a standard goldendoodle litter and I signed up immediately. Of course I mentioned it to my husband the next morning and he didn’t even flinch. Just another reason why I love him so much.

Henley was born the day after Christmas and it was so much fun watching the nursery videos and seeing updates along the way. Henley was my first pic and we are so in love. Matt and I were actually in the Bahamas when it was puppy picking day, so we did a fun video chat to choose him. The breeder said he was one of the biggest males and that he grunted when you pick him up. All of that is very true, ha.

He is growing quickly and is now just a tad bigger than Ernie (our 11 year old adopted terrier mix). Ernie wasn’t too fond of him at first, but he is growing on him. Henley’s mother (Scarlett) is a red standard poodle and his dad (Jake)is a golden retriever. With the mix of those two, we got Henley…an apricot colored, non shedding, real life teddy bear!!

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  1. 3.13.18
    Sue said:

    What a cute puppy! I hope that he brings you as much joy as my crew.
    I’ve been through 5 cute puppies – on my last 3, adult female Golden Retrievers!

  2. 3.13.18
    Abby said:

    So glad to get an Ernie update!!!

  3. 3.14.18
    Krista said:

    Absolutely love this blog and Henleys adorable pics. You all look so happy!