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MOM HACKS || Ready Made Gifts

I learned this mom hack from my mother of course. She has always had a drawer or a shelf in her house full of ready made gifts. You just never know when something is going to pop up. A neighbor invites you over for dinner on short notice, a birthday you forgot or just buying ahead to save time later. Recently, one of my daughters teachers had a 1/2 birthday at school and all of the kids were supposed to bring in a card or a small gift. That’s when I finally decided that I needed to have my own little gift drawer at my house….FINALLY!

I’ve added a little shop section below for some ready made gift suggestions. My FAVORITE are the greeting cards, haha. I’m literally buying because they are just TOO FUNNY. Why not avoid a stressful moment and get prepared for things that might pop up. Life happens and things will always pop up!!

Gift Ideas To Keep On Hand:

  1. Candle with a cute set of matches
  2. Vase
  3. Birthday/Anniversary/Get Well Cards
  4. Yeti Mug
  5. Starbucks Gift Card
  6. Stylish Water Bottle
  7. Journal
  8. Enclosure Cards
  9. Gift Bags w/ White Tissue Paper

Do y’all have any mom/life hacks I need to know about? If so, leave a comment because I love hearing from y’all. -Jess


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  1. 3.13.18
    Sandre Maxwell said:

    I have done this for years. When I come across gifts for friends, i buy them. This is two-fold: spreads cost throughout year and assures I get very personal gifts along with several, small just because gifts.

  2. 3.16.18
    Sarah said:

    These gift ideas are awesome. My go to greeting cards (blank…so I guess you have to come up with your own lines) are at from Debby Ellyn Studio. Beautiful marbled paper prints in a variety of colors that suit any occasion. I love the idea of having gifts on hand though…brilliant.