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Your Must Have Romper For Spring

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Ripley Rader long sleeve romper | Aquazzura cut out sandal (on MAJOR sale 1/2 off) | Bamboo Handbag | Layered Y-Chain Necklace | Thread Hoops | Sunglasses

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Your Must Have Romper For Spring

One of my favorite clothing pieces to wear in spring is a romper! I have found your must have romper for spring that is so versatile and chic! I have always been a huge fan of the brand Ripley Raider because of how great their quality of clothes are especially their rompers. Plus, she’s originally from West Virginia and so am I…so we have that odd thing in common, haha. I saw this navy blue romper and fell in LOVE. Its so simple to style for an evening or brunch out while still looking glam without even trying. The special thing about these rompers is how they are made, on the inside they come with material that can cinch up to accentuate your chest or butt. Seriously how awesome is that! I wore it without moving anything around and felt so comfortable with how it shaped my body.

Now, for the tall women out there I know what you’re thinking, rompers are not made for you! Well, I’m 5’9″ and my chiropractor says my torso is so long that I belong in the circus. So…basically if I can wear it my guess is that you can too! This navy romper is perfect and it’s long enough to not ride up into your booty.  I love the arm coverage to balance out the highlight on the legs. Rule #1 on how NOT to look like a hoochy mama – don’t show too much skin. If you wear something shorter, cover up more up top and vice versa 😉 I wore her classic navy jumpsuit in this post awhile ago, obviously I love her stuff. And when I see my hair in that post I go into mourning, boo hoo. I’m wearing a size 3 in both jumpsuits.

I paired this romper with some favorite nude heels that are so comfortable and can easily be worn with any outfit for spring. I added my clutch that is a designer dupe and if you check out my designer vs dupes post you can see the comparison! My finishing touches were some gold layering necklaces and hoops, oh and a super cute pup!! I hope you take a look into Ripley Raider and find your perfect romper for spring! Check out down below for all the items shown and more affordable versions! Happy Hump Day!!

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