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38 Summer Staples UNDER $38

May 30

38 Summer Staples UNDER $38

Check out these 38 Summer staples that are under $38! There are so many cute pieces here and a bunch of crazy good deals!! I picked basics that are perfect for casual get-togethers, dressy occasions, work, or just running around doing errands.

One thing I have not been able to keep my hands off of this summer is shoes! I’ve included seven pairs here and I’m having trouble convincing myself that I can’t have all of them, haha!┬áThere are a bunch of pretty, flowy dresses and skirts to choose from as well. Having a cute, lightweight dress to throw on in the Summer makes getting dressed so easy. Especially with having three kids. And under $38 – amazing!

I am a big fan of trends like off-the-shoulder tops, gingham, and denim jackets (included a white one here!) and made sure to share these with you, as well as some classic pieces. Mixing designer classics with less expensive pieces is super important to me – it’s all about balance. And I find that in the Summer it is especially easy to find inexpensive finds like these that can be reliable staples!