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The Best Travel Pants

The Best Travel Pants

Hello again from St. Lucia! I’m sharing with you the best travel pants today from Rebecca Boutique. These pants will be your go-to pant for travel this Summer. I’m wearing the blush, but they come in a total of 12 colors. The thing I hate the most about pants is how they stretch out and lose their shape. Well ladies, you won’t have to worry about that with these cropped flares. I have an overseas trip coming up this Summer and you betcha I will be packing these pants along with the black option. You can pair them with sneakers during the day and a great heal or wedge for nighttime. Versatility at it’s best. Especially when you are trying to take 1 suitcase…but who are we kidding, you have to take 2 suitcases for shopping 😉

I mentioned in my last blog post, The White Dress You Need for Summer Travel, that Rebecca Boutique is fabulous for all things basic. I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a really long torso. My Chiro literally told me I should join the circus because I’m such a freak show, haha. Anywho, I love how long the silk cardigan is that I’m wearing. Rebecca Boutique literally has it in 21 different colors!! It’s all about layers when you travel. So, I would pair it with this viscose cardigan for flying or chilly restaurants.

St. Lucia has the curviest roads I’ve ever been on, and that says a lot coming from this WV girl. So, all of the resorts are tucked away in the mountains with the most breathtaking views. We stayed in a little villa and to visit the beach/pool they would pick us up in the Tuk Tuk truck. They had a blue truck and a pink truck – unfortunately, the pink Tuk Tuk was out of commission for this shoot. But, I was happy to steal 5 minutes with the driver so we could shoot this before he made the next pick up!

Leo Stretch Pants (12 colors available) | Silk Cami (21 colors available) | Viscose Cardigan | Sandals | Suitcase

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  1. 7.1.18
    Christine O Dimopoulos said:

    Love you to death!!
    I wanted to ask you because you travel so much what do you think about a vacation to Cancun Mexico with my daughter.
    Thanks a bunch

    • 7.4.18
      jesscathell said:

      I’ve only every flown into Cancun to go to other resorts, how old is your daughter? It’s an easy flight from Atlanta which is a plus in my book and there are some great resorts there. When going to Mexico I always stay at the resort and never venture off property 😉 Thank you for following!

  2. 8.31.18
    Jean Stenger said:

    It has been so long since I’ve gotten one of your posts that I thought that I had been dropped. I really enjoy following your blog. I am proud to call you my cousin.

    • 8.31.18
      jesscathell said:

      awe thanks! I just took a break at the end of the summer with the kids, too many balls to juggle and my mind needed a break 😉 Thanks for following along!! -J