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Loveliest Looks of Fall Tour


Today I’m joining 6 other bloggers to share the loveliest looks of fall, from home decor to fashion. We’re so glad you’re here with us!

It’s starting to look like my favorite time of year everybody, it’s almost FALL! Even though the temperatures in Atlanta feel like the center of the sun, that won’t stop me getting ready for this season. We’re still about 2 weeks away from getting fresh pumpkins down here; so I’m showing you all of the other ways I’m jazzing up my house with Fall vibes.

  1. Front Door – last dear I did a wreath, which you can see in this post. BUT, this year I decided to go fresh and different. I could this hanging basket at Boxwoods in Atlanta and had them line it with plastic and throw some plants in it. It was underwhelming and looked kind of like super flat hair that needed mousse and curlers. SO, I took it home and through some maple tree branches, tall fern stems and quail feathers. BOOM, I now have a basket with volume ready to great my visitors..or just the Amazon delivery guy, haha.
  2. Front Hall Chest – From January until now my front hall chest looks like this. But for fall, I added my cute little jack o lantern that I found in Burlington, VT last year and a tall vase with live maple leaves. It’s also nice to look at something different in my house because I get bored pretty quickly. Furniture and accessories are constantly moving playing musical chairs.
  3. Dining Room – I have an 11 foot long table that’s 4 feet wide and that’s a lot of territory that looks naked if it’s not dressed with accessories year round. In the off season, I actually take the faux flowers from these vases and set them on the dining room table. But, now that the blooms are falling off outside, it doesn’t look quite right to have those blooms out, so off to storage they go. This is my first fall with this table and I decided to overflow it with velvet pumpkins down the middle. Luckily, my fellow blogger friend Bluegraygal has a special collection of blue gray colors and she just so happened to have boxes and boxes at her house. So, I drove over loaded up and now present you with this. For a dinner party I will add some candle light, etc., but I will show you that once it happens.
  4. Kitchen – I don’t get too busy with fall decor and always want the decor items to match the room vibe. I found the most gorgeous hydrangeas at Boxwoods and added them to the island. The rich colors scream colder and fall/winter vibes. Then, I found THE cutest little puppy dog ghost at our Cotton Colors store. He’s white and black with just a touch of orange on his hat making him blend in perfectly with my kitchen; but adding a bit of whimsy for my three little girls.


Please hop on over to visit my other friends and enjoy all of the fall inspiration they’re sharing with you today!

Summer Adams | The Lush List | CC + Mike

BlueGrayGal | House Full of Summer | J.Cathell | A Blissful Nest

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  1. 9.14.18
    Summer Adams said:

    Jess, you are so gorgeous and I love all of the fall dresses you picked! Your house is stunning and all of your pumpkins are just breathtaking! Love your wreath and so glad you could join us for this tour! Xo

  2. 9.15.18
    Atowle said:

    I dunno what it is but i love everything about the fall. from makeup trends, to fashion and DECORATING my house. love the plants you selected! atowle|

  3. 9.17.18
    Amy said:

    I love the color of your walls what color are they?

    • 9.17.18
      jesscathell said:

      in my foyer and kitchen it’s White Dove, in my dining room it’s actually a synthetic grass cloth I bought online!

  4. 12.4.19
    Mary Kate said:


    Love reading your posts! I wanted to know where are your pendants over your kitchen island Are from? Im in the process of Building a house and Love yours.

    Thank you
    Mary kate

  5. 8.16.21
    Lillian said:

    Can you do a post on dining room set ups? Keep the table set versus an every day look?

    • 8.17.21
      Jess C. said:

      Hi Lillian! I’ve got some home stuff in the works so keep an eye out for it. Thank you for this suggestion!!

  6. 9.16.22
    Kim Short said:

    Those are pheasant feathers not quail!🤣. Beautiful home by the way 🙂 love the muted colors of the velvet pumpkins.