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  1. Beautiful! Looks like So much fun too. Tell me about the drink with orange slices…hot mulled cider? How dO we Make and serve this?

    1. It’s the easiest thing, you just buy apple cider and throw it in the crockpot. Slice some oranges with cloves in it and throw on top. There was an assortment of liquors, etc to spice it up too!

  2. Just beautifully staged. Would you kindly gl one step further and speak to function. There are pretty plates and napkins, two small cheese knives and a few toothpicks. At a presentation like this Does everyone just use their hands and fingers to grab meats, cheeses, olives, etc.? Please give some suggestions for serving.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      This year I added plates so that people could fill their plates so that it doesn’t get too crowded around the table. The toothpicks were used to stab olives and put on your plate (a little spoon would work too) I had 2-3 cheese knives that people could cut some cheese and then put on their plate. It’s pretty easy to grab a section of the meats without touching the rest, but I’m definitely keeping my eye out for some more tongs and cute spoons.