Friday 5 – My Current Faves


  1. My favorite sparkling water is Spindrift. No natural flavors (unlike la Croix) AND it’s excellent mixed with vodka.
  2. I just ordered the CUTEST makeup towels and I am long overdue for this. I’ve been staining my white bath towels by removing my makeup on them, bad girl! These are navy and I picked the eyelash detail.
  3. I just ordered this makeup case and it’s under $30. Tons of bloggers are raving about it, so I thought sure why not! All of the compartments are adjustable to keep everything nice and today
  4. I have been using this organic silk ribbon in the studio for years now, but I’m dying to use their table linens. Perhaps a spring tablescape at the farm should be in the works with lots of wild flowers!
  5. The hot pink sweater I’m wearing is 40% off and it comes in 6 different colors. I’m wearing a small for reference.  I just bought these white jeans with the stripe down the side…I’m a sucker for stripes down the side of pants. My husband asked if I was wearing referee pants…I said yes and gave him a time out, hahahaha.

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