Why I Started Using Essential Oils

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Important Essential Oil Information

Today, I’m going to share with you why I started using essential oils. I am an oily newbie, but we all have to start somewhere. Back in January, I was invited to an oil party and we learned the basics of how to use and diffuse these incredibly powerful little bottles. I had heard about essential oils before, but there seemed to be a lot of them and I never knew what they could actually do for you.

The first thing that I learned was not all essential oil companies are the same. There are non GMO/organic/therapeutic essential oils like Young Living and then there are cheap oils with fragrance and fillers that you can often find at the checkout counters of local stores. I had a big ah ha moment and immediately went home and threw away any lingering oils I still owned.

The second thing I learned was that essential oils can be diffused, applied directly to your skin or ingested. You always want to make sure that you are using a great product, but when you are diffusing, applying directly or especially ingesting you need to make sure that it is the best of the best like Young Living. Nobody has time for uncomfortable adverse reactions.

The class was super helpful and it took the overwhelming factor of where do I begin and what do I buy first to a close.  Young Living has a premium starter kit that starts you off with 12 starter oils. Five of the oils are from their vitality line which means you can use them for cooking, dropping into your water, etc. You can also use any of the vitality oils to diffuse or apply topically too. It was a no brainer to get the kit and start using them in my home.

The Reason Why I Started Diffusing

Essential oils have a million remedies, but the one I was most interested in was better sleep and immunity! I have always been able to fall asleep fine, but getting into a deep restful sleep is another story. I have THE most active dreams. Every morning I tell my husband what happened the night before and he just shakes his head and laughs. My mind never felt like it turned off and it’s like I was living a whole other life in my dreams. That’s exhausting!

I decided to buy a diffuser for our bedroom and each of the girls rooms.  I had tried diffusing essential oils in years past, but the crappy ones on Amazon always leaked or broke. So, I bought a desert mist diffuser (bottom pic right side) for each of our bedrooms and then an extra pretty one (bottom pic left side) for our kitchen.

My Kids Are Sleeping Better

I thought well, if nothing else it at least smells good! Well, let me tell you what! Last month, I asked my husband (who is a pessimist) if he thought the kids slept better and stayed in their beds more after we started diffusing. He said YES! What?! Do I have a believer?! AMEN! Two of our kids are like boomerangs, you put them in bed and they return back to you at some point in the night. I’m not saying that a kid will never crawl in bed with you ever again, but I will firmly say that my kids sleep better and longer with the oils diffusing.

My kids also haven’t missed a day of school from sickness since I started diffusing.  I also attribute that to the probiotics and supplements that they are on too. A little extra thieves at night with the occasional roll on application seems to help too.

I am Sleeping Better

As for me, my sleep has definitely improved. I started just diffusing at night, which got me into a calm and relaxed state. My mind was still pretty active at night so I decided to take it a step further and roll on Stress Away and Roman Chamomile onto the bottoms of my feet and behind my ears…sometimes on my wrists too. I definitely noticed a more calm mind and feeling rested for the first time in a long time.


Essential Oil Sleep Blend

I played around with the oils in the starter kit and I have a few recipes that I love, but I’m constantly mixing it up. For the kids I used  5 drops of lavender +5 drops of thieves + 5 drops of peace and calm for the longest time. Then as I ventured out of the starter kit I decided to try the kidscents sleepyze + thieves combo and right now that seems to do the trick. If they seem to have too much energy at bedtime, I will put a few drops of sleepyze on the bottoms of their feet to calm them. Plus, they giggle and love the bedtime foot rub. For our master bedroom I am constantly changing it up. thieves + stress away are always in the diffuser and some nights I’ll add in frankincense, another night I’ll add peace and calm (my FAVE) and sometimes I’ll do all the above with a touch of lavender. All of the oils I just mentioned besides the sleepyze  are in the starter kit. If I feel like I need extra immune support, I’ll do 10-20 drops of thieves!!

There isn’t one oil in the PSK that I haven’t used:

Digize – I used for an upset tummy. Two drops under my tongue and I was back in business.

Lemon – I have added this to freshen my water or to my dryer balls in lieu of dryer sheets.

Panaway – For my sore muscles after a workout.

Peppermint – Gluten free peppermint brownies, YASSSSS.

Citrus Fresh – I diffuse this in my kitchen + thieves.

Thieves – I’ve made tea with this for a sore throat and diffuse for immunity every night in every bedroom.

Peace and Calm – My fave scent and a total chill pill.

Valor – I rub it on my wrists and on my kids for a boost of courage.

Stress Away – Vacation even when you’re not on vacation. It’s always in my diffuser.

Raven – Full respiratory support.

Frankincense – I’ve added this to my diffuser and a drop to my night cream. It’s all anti-viral and calming.

Lavender – Diffusing at night for relaxation.

What is included in your PSK

The starter kit comes with your 12 oils, 1 thieves hand sanitizer, 1 diffuser, 2 packets of the Ningxia and a Thieves cleaner. This PSK gives you a great way to sample oils and clean living all in one. The hand sanitizer doesn’t have any xenoestrogens…google that because it’s terrifying. I have a whole blog coming next week on that topic. My family drinks the Ningxia every day to get our antioxidants and the Thieves cleaner packet will make a 16 ounce bottle of spray cleaner that’s chemical free. I use thieves all over my house, and I’m happy to say that we are a chemical free house now!

How to Purchase your PSK

To purchase your kit, just click here and it will take you to my enrollment link. I am growing my tribe of people who want to get oily, healthy and chemical free and I would love to have you in the tribe. When you join, not only do you get an awesome kit, but you will get plugged into our private FB community for oil recipes, latest news, questions and support. Young Living is a global organization, so even if you follow me from Europe, etc you can still be a part of my tribe. I will of course be blogging about things I’m discovering and loving, but you will have direct access to me and the community in our FB group. I recommend you watching this video I made first, it will answer any questions that you might have about completing your order. If you still have questions, feel free to email me at jesskcathell@gmail.com.

More About Young Living

If you want to learn more about Young Living, how they distill, where their farms are located and the quality of their oils watch this video. Young Living is the leader of the essential oils industry and they set the industry standard!

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