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Friday 5 – A Day Late

Apr 6


  1. Every woman needs some type of stationery and I love this personalized notepad from Dixie Design. This also makes a great hostess gift too 😉 They have gorgeous notecards too, but the notepad is a custom and affordable look.
  2. My FAVORITE trend and accessory this season is headbands. I was the headband queen in middle school. It takes dirty hair in a ponytail next level. Headbands also instantly pull together any look. If you are not into the bedazzled look, you can try the plan velvet like this. But the pearls and crystals are where it’s at!!
  3. Chemical free beauty products are so important and I’m making so many changes. If you think about it, whatever you apply to your lips you are directly ingesting. Lipsticks/Lipglosses are like a chemical lollipop…take baby steps and start with glosses and lipsticks that have zero chemicals. I am beyond thrilled with this peppermint infused lipgloss in the color abundant. If you are a member of Young Living you can get 24% off with your membership, you can also buy it retail…but who likes paying retail prices…not me. Check out my post on essential oils, if you order the starter kit you can add on the lipgloss to your order. To become a member, click here. If you have any questions email me at jesskcathell@gmail.com
  4. My friend NiTasha Jackson from high school is the most talented singer and songwriter I’ve ever known. She is raising money to publish her first album and she needs your support; the story of why she’s raising the funds herself is here. She is in the final stages off getting her album SQUARE ONE of the ground and she needs your support. To hear her talent, click here…you will be blown away!! You can check out her website here to donate, buy a t-shirt, etc. or just spreading the word on social media is a helpful and free way to help her.
  5. If you want to jazz up your sunglasses collection on the cheap try these heart shaped sunglasses. I bought them for the girls Easter baskets. They come in a ton of colors and are under $10. Last year I bought the white and tortoise shell, but I recently bought the black. They are the perfect dupes for the Saint Laurent.
  6. FRIDAY 5