Oily Life – Family Update

Oily Life – Family Update:

I can’t believe it’s finally May and flu season is bye, bye! Now that my family has made it through the sick season, I wanted to give y’all an update on how we all stayed well. If you have been following my blog for the latest couple months, you may have noticed that I started using essential oils back in January. When I first started, I had no idea what a huge blessing they were going to be on my family.

I am ecstatic to say, that my kids have not missed 1 day of school this entire semester from sickness. That is pretty unheard of considering that all three of my kids go to school and aren’t the best at being mindful of germs. I am going to break down all of the changes and switches we have made at our house. 2019 has been the year of lifestyle changes, and it feels so good to be making better choices for me and my entire family.

Morning Routine:

I start off every morning by diffusing something in the kitchen before the girls come downstairs. Lately, it’s been lemon, tangerine or citrus fresh. I love how clean and fresh they smell, and it helps me wake up and stay in a better mood.

Every morning I wake up my girls with a citrus essential oil. Sometimes it’s citrus fresh, sometimes it’s lemon, etc. It just depends on my mood. Citrus oils help wake up the mind, and I swear my kids wake up in better moods. It seems like it lifts their spirits and knocks out the grumpy morning moods. When I’m waking them up I will take a couple drops in my hand, put it under their nose to inhale, and then rub it on their back to wake them up. Y’all should try it! Lemon oil also helps with their immune systems, so it makes sense they’ve been so well the last 6 months. Every momma needs help when waking up sleeping kids, yikes. I’m guessing it will come in handy when we have 3 teenage girls, ha!

The entire family takes a shot of Ningxia juice every.single.day. This is all of the antioxidants that you need for the entire day, it is packed full of goodness. I pour 2 ounces in a shot glass, then 1 tablespoon of Mindwise and a drop of orange oil. Mindwise is like my liquid ADD medicine. It really helps me stay focused and on task. Orange oil is pretty magical to ingest, it can relieve inflammation, relieve depression, and improve cognitive function, plus, it is great for cellular health! You may not know that essential oils can be ingested, but I only recommend the oils from Young Living’s Vitality line. They are the only essential oil company that has been given regulation by the FDA to be ingested.

I just recently added the Kidscents Mightypro (pre-biotic/pro-biotic)from Young Living and the girls are obsessed and beg for more. It’s kind of like an old-school ‘pixie stick’ that you dump in their mouths. No added sugar and the flavor is derived from the wolfberry. So YUM! It is so important to add a pro-biotic to your kids diet to support their gut. That is where sickness starts!

Before the girls head off to school, I made a little rollerball of Thieves, lemon and peppermint topped with a carrier oil to help them focus. I rub it on the base of their necks, bottoms of their feet and then sometimes just under their chin or down their spine. I started doing this regularly for a few weeks and my oldest daughter had improved test scores. I know this is due to her improved focus.

Every morning before I get into the shower, I start the diffuser in my bathroom so I feel like I’m in a spa while I’m getting ready. I always have a ton of thoughts racing through my mind as I try to get my day organized. Stress Away,  Lavender and Thieves are three oils that I love to smell, and that’s usually what’s in my diffuser.

Mid-Day Routine:

I keep my diffuser going in the kitchen pretty consistently if I’m home. In the winter I had Thieves + Stress Away diffusing, but lately it’s just been a citrus oil. I have grapefruit on my list to buy this month!

I’ve pretty much lived with a sore shoulder and neck since playing collegiate volleyball…it’s something that I still see a chiro to help with. To deal with the discomfort, I now use Panaway on those sore areas. I was once an icy hot user, but the chemicals in that are YIKES!

When the girls get home from school, I usually roll on some more Thieves+lemon+peppermint on their backs. With oils, you have to stay consistent to really see them working. Your body metabolizes oils after 2-4 hours, so consistency is key. Several times a day is best!

At some point in the day my 3-year-old will say my tummy hurts, and I immediately roll-on digize. This helps with digestion and also tummy aches. I put it in a roll-on topped with a carrier oil for her, and I rub it on her tummy. I’ve also taken this orally, and it clears up an upset stomach pretty quickly. It’s saved me SO.MANY.TIMES. when I’ve had a touch of food poisoning or gotten into gluten. Ain’t nobody got time to be stuck in the bathroom 😉

After school is about the time of day when I start rolling on Stress Away and Valor for myself. It helps to keep me calm and handle all of the demands that I’m facing with three kids and their after school activities.

Evening Routine:

I love our evening oil routine, and I love how the girls know exactly what to do! I start off the evening by diffusing something calming in the kitchen when we eat dinner. That varies, but lately it’s Peace & Calming. This is my favorite smelling oil! I play some relaxing classical music and set the tone for a calm evening.

As they get their pj’s on, I roll on their sleep blend. I took an empty roller bottle and dropped in 20 drops of peace & calming, + 20 drops of lavender and a little Stress Away topped with a carrier oil. This is how I get my kids to stay in bed…it’s all about the topical application! It enters their bloodstream within about 26-seconds.

We have a desert mist diffuser in every bedroom, and we use these every night! The girls’ recipes vary every night, but I ALWAYS use Thieves in every diffuser. This helps boost your immune system and keep sickness at-bay. Diffusing Thieves is hands down one of the major reasons why my kids have stayed healthy all year. If I think somebody is starting to come down with something, I will use 10 drops instead of 5 drops in their diffuser. Most of the time, I use what came in my starter kit like Peace & Calming or Lavender. Lately though, I have been using 2 drops of White Angelica + Thieves (obviously). I love laying in their beds smelling that while I read stories. It makes me so tired, and I almost fall asleep in one of their beds every night. It’s SO relaxing.

Before I hop in bed, I roll on lemon+frankincense onto my face, neck, chest and top of hands. These are also both in the starter kit. I started off just adding a few drops to my night cream by Young Living, and then I upgraded to rolling it on for anti-aging. I put about 40 drops of each oil in a roll on, and I do NOT dilute. The lemon helps brighten the skin, buh-bye sun spots! Frankincense is perfect for anti-aging and helps to regenerate the skin. There’s a reason why it was given to Jesus by the Three Wise Men, because it’s like a super oil!

The last oil I haven’t mentioned yet is Raven. This is fabulous for respiratory support. This is great to diffuse during allergy season or when someone has a cold. My hubby had the sniffles a few days ago, so I started to diffuse a little Thieves + Raven + Immupower and it helped like crazy. These are so powerful.

Oils in the Starter Kit:

Peace & Calming | Stress Away | Lavender | Thieves | Lemon | Citrus Fresh | Peppermint | Frankincense | Valor | Panaway| Digize | Raven

As you can see I use all of these oils daly besides Raven. This kit is the ‘toolbox’ you need to take your health to the next level. You cannot put a price on having healthy kids who sleep soundly and stay in their beds every night. These two things used to be some of our biggest parenting struggles.

How to Get Your Starter Kit:

To enroll with me and my community go Order Here and make sure the number 17846895 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID Fields” Sign up as a MEMBER – this does Not mean you will ever have to sell anything, just means you get 24% off retail prices! I do recommend in addition to getting your Premium Starter Kit to sign up for Essential Rewards for the best savings and perks. You can cancel at any time, and you get free product every month, so it’s a no brainer. I also recommend clicking YES to making your first order your first Essential Rewards order and then I just throw some random goodies in the cart for next month (at least $50) and then I change that cart up before it processes 30-days later. Don’t worry, you won’t forget, because I send everybody a text reminder 😉 To see the starter kit, click on the post Why I Started Using Essential Oils.

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  1. 5.12.19
    Becky Lowmaster said:

    I have been with young living since June 2018. I’m enjoying my oils. My adult daughter got her psk in march. Thankful to have these amazing essential oils to help me in many ways. Allergies are no fun but get thru it with lavender, lemon and peppermint in a roller ball. R.C. is a good oil besides raven for better breathing. I like the laundry soap.and household CLEANER! Great things to have at home.

    • 5.15.19

      I agree with everything you said. I use all of the cleaning supplies and I just ordered R.C. recently too! Thanks for following 😉

  2. 5.12.19
    Hena Tayeb said:

    Oh this sounds terrific. Thanks for sharing.