Where to find the Prettiest Peonies

Where to Find the Prettiest Peonies

It’s no secret that I have been obsessed with Peonies for over 30 years. My mom grew them in her garden growing up in West Virginia and I would watch the ants help open the buds. Now that I live in Atlanta, growing conditions just aren’t the same down here, so when it’s Peony season I jump on it and I can’t get enough. Trader Joe’s this time of year is filled with these gorgeous buds! I almost always have fresh flowers in the house, and I love making little bouquets to put in my girls rooms for a little surprise.


Most of the time when you buy them they will still be in a tight bud, so if you are planning a dinner party or want to give them as a gift; I would give them about 24-48 hours to open up. If you buy them and need them to stay tight for a few more days, just keep them refrigerated just like they do at the florist. Timing is everything and it’s something you have to think about sometimes. ย It may depend on the location, but here in Atlanta it’s $7.99 for a bundle. I added a few drops of Purification oil to each vase to help keep the water fresh.

I’ve already made two trips to get my beautiful bundles and I will probably make another trip tomorrow. While you’re there, pick up the seasoning “Everything But The Bagel”…it will change your life.

White Denim Skirt | Hair Clip | Glass Vase |ย Info on Purification Oil

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